Thursday, 18 May 2017

Wicknell Chivayo And The $2 000 That Never Was

After the pomp and fanfare that greeted Wicknell Chivayo’s appearance at Bulawayo’s Eden Nightclub on Saturday night, questions are being asked about whether the flamboyant businessman actually gave away the $2 000 that he had promised to the best dressed lady on the night.

The joint, which seems to be undergoing a revival after the reappointment of Manu Mahaso as manager, was a spectacle on Saturday night as some of the city’s most glamorous and beautiful turned up in their numbers on a night that Wicknell was to give away a small chunk of his much flaunted wealth.

By Bruce Ndlovu
The businessman had social media buzzing in Bulawayo late on Saturday afternoon after he announced that he would not only party with Bulawayo revellers, but would let one lucky, stunningly dressed lady walk away with a hefty wad of cash just for merely being the most stylish.

His post was immediately shared around the social media grapevine, with even Eden employees joining in the fun as they promised revellers not only a pleasing, but rewarding night out.
Wicknell Chivayo And The $2 000 That Never Was
At midnight, it seemed that Wicknell’s challenge had been heard and eagerly accepted with outfits that seemed tailored for the fashion ramp gracing Eden’s packed dance floor.

However, while Wicknell had been loud and clear in his announcement of his planned presence at Eden, he was uncharacteristically less than vocal about who had won the prize.

Instead, by Sunday afternoon, his Instagram account had been wiped clean of the poster advertising the show and the prize that he had so gleefully agreed to give any deserving winner.

In fact, the businessman has not made any mention of his appearance at Eden where he was clearly the life of the party with some of the city’s who’s who buzzing around throughout a night in which his entourage indulged in some of the most expensive whiskeys available at the joint.

One Eden staffer said that he had no knowledge of whether Wicknell had actually given away the $2 000.

“I’d be lying to you if I said anyone got that money. All I know is that they bought a lot of alcohol. An 18-year old bottle of Glenfiddich costs $200 and a bottle of Blue Label $300. They bought a lot of those on the night,” said the staffer who spoke anonymously.

The joint’s manager Manu Mahaso was also non-committal, saying Wicknell had spent money on a number of ladies on the night.

“He gave it out to a lot of ladies. He’s a person that has a lot of money,” he said.

Wicknell’s mobile was off when contacted for comment. The Chronicle

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