Thursday, 11 May 2017

Robert Mugabe Jnr. Bares Soul -- Reveals That ”Its Not Easy Being The Son Of A President

President Mugabe’s son Robert junior has gone on Social Media and shared his frustration at the way Zimbabweans treat him on Social Media.

“It is tough to be the first son of the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. I have had people inboxing me on Facebook saying my mum is a b**tch and that my father is a dictator, but whatever you say or think, it would be complete madness to think that I will stop loving my parents. You would be mentally retarded to ever entertain such hopes. I love and respect my father. He is the best dad in the entire world and I thank God I still have him. For those who wish him bad health and death, shame on you! He is going to be here for an even longer time and he will be President!! Aiwa ka, asingade kutongwa nababa vangu, try Zuma or somewhere else. Isu ndisu tinotonga! My mum is lovely. Though a bit strict at the end of the day I know she cares for my future that the future of all of you combined.”
Robert Mugabe Jnr. Bares Soul -- Reveals That ”Its Not Easy Being The Son Of A President
A crappy blog posted a video of me at school. But I mean, what’s this craziness all about? Everyone is hating that I am studying and I am studying Architecture at The American University in Dubai.

Go get a life! Leave me alone!! Would you not send your kids to school? And if you were President of a rich country like Zimbabwe, what would stop you from making sure your kid gets the best education possible. This PhD (Pull Him Down) syndrome will take you nowhere but give you Hypertension and Diabetes whilst my father, The Great Gushungo walks smoothly into his hundreds.

About my fashion, you aint seen nothing yet. I wear what I afford. Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani. If you think you will see me at a flee market in Mbare, well, all the best. Keep checking, I might pass by totenga tese mazitye. Bwa ha ha lmao

Robert Jnr.

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