Saturday, 27 May 2017

Prophets Cause A Stir At Bus Terminus

A group of prophets caused commotion at Victoria Falls bus terminus as they demanded to search all buses before departure insisting that one of the buses had a body of a child which could cause an accident.

The prophets led by one Madzibaba Benfred arrived at the bus terminus at around 10pm on Thursday and said no bus should leave before they searched all the buses.

One passenger who spoke on condition of anonymity said Madzibaba Benfred had gained popularity in Victoria Falls after previously claiming that he had resurrected a dead man and healed two mentally ill people who used to roam around the bus terminus early this year.

Victoria Falls ward 9 Councillor Somveli Dlamini confirmed the Thursday incident that is now the talk of the resort town.

“When the prophets arrived at the bus terminus they claimed there was a coffin in one of the buses (name supplied) which they said was some kind of ritual meant to attract passengers.

“I cannot comment much on the incident as I don’t personally believe in such things,” said the councillor.
Members of conservative Apostolic church sects in Zimbabwe (Picture by Alexander Joe, AFP)
“I have heard of what these people are doing, claims of healing the mentally retarded and raising the dead. They claimed there was a body of a child in one of the buses although it wasn’t found,” he said.

A passenger who declined to be named said the six prophets arrived at the bus terminus in a grey vehicle on Thursday night.

The passenger said the prophets claimed one of the bus operators was using human blood to succeed in business and as such they wanted to search all the buses before they could leave the terminus.

“They said they wanted to remove the coffin which had the body of a child before buses could depart. They said if the bus which had the body of the child left with the body it was going to be involved in an accident,” said the passenger.

The passenger said after searching the buses, the prophets only came out with what looked like a horn which was dripping blood with strings and some hairs around. The prophets said they found the horn in a bag which was close to the driver’s seat in one of the buses.

Another passenger said there were mixed feelings following the prophets’ discovery.

“There is a possibility it was a set-up by the bus company’s competitors to discredit the company,” she said. The Chronicle

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