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Global Uproar Over Sanyangore “Phone Call To God”

Pastor Paul Sanyangore’s video ‘talking’ to God on the phone has gone viral and caused global uproar with England’s Daily Mirror and other ...

Pastor Paul Sanyangore’s video ‘talking’ to God on the phone has gone viral and caused global uproar with England’s Daily Mirror and other international media organisations taking it up.

The controversial pastor says the pressure is too much to contain.

The video, extracted from his Victory TV, has made waves and has seen the preacher dominating foreign and social media.

Several news outlets regionally and internationally have carried the story which has attracted mixed reactions.

The Daily Mirror had the story with the headline “Bizarre moment, preacher phones GOD – and his whole congregation believe him”.

Uganda Today carried the story with the headline – Zimbabwean Pastor claims to be Having God’s Telephone Number.

By Blessing Masakadza
South Africa’s Sowetan Live had – Zimbabwean pastor’s bizarre ‘phone call with God’ while Malawi 24 had – Zimbabwean pastor speaks with ‘God’ on phone.

Sanyangore said he is shocked by the overwhelming response from across the globe.

Sanyangore said he is not bothered by the severe criticism saying such miracles are not meant to be understood by the natural being.

“Right now I’m still in shock with such a response. That incident occurred sometime in March but the response now is overwhelming.

“I don’t blame anyone about the criticism, I’m not angry and I will not argue with anyone. That was not my doing, it was God’s doing. With such noise all I can say is Glory to God. I cannot claim glory because it was not my doing. The noise is enough to show people that God is there,” he said.

“Miracles are a product of the supernatural and it will be difficult for them to be understood by the natural being. Humans are a product of the natural. A miracle is not meant to be understood, it is supernatural and it has to leave tongues wagging,” he said.

Sanyangore said he is human and at times cannot contain the instructions he is given.
Global Uproar Over Sanyangore “Phone Call To God”
“I’m human and I at times caught between a rock and a hard surface. I faint at times because those things don’t make sense to me but I have to weigh the wrath of God and that of people. I’m sent to do such things, I’m just a vessel,” he said.

Several people have asked which network the preacher used to speak to God and he said God is above networks.

Others have asked what names appeared on screen when he received the call.

He said people claim to be Christians but they do not believe in the God they worship. He took a swipe at some sections of religion for trying to be the yardstick of religion.

“God is above networks and he supersedes all natural doings. We understand that a cellphone is for our day to day communication as humans but God supersedes that. God spoke through the phone. It was actually not mine. If it was mine people would say I had some recordings in it.

“The problem we are having these days is that people do not believe in the God they claim to worship. People are shocked that God spoke through the phone but they read the bible which says a donkey spoke and a voice was heard from the bush. If people lived in the days of Moses I don’t know what they would be doing right now,” he said.

“The problem right is religious leaders who are personalizing God and putting him a box, setting limitations and boundaries that God can do this and cannot do that. God does the unthinkable, the extraordinary,” he said.

The incident has gone viral in foreign media and has divided opinion.

“I have been called for interviews in Malawi, Ghana, the US, Spain and many other countries. This puts to rest allegations that we pay newsmen to appear in in the media. Does it mean I paid the guys from Malawi, South Africa, Ghana?

“The world is divided into two and it is normal. The criticism is severe, I have been called names, it is hard, it is difficult even for my family but I understand it.
“I have learnt that those who criticize a lot secretly come for help. We have received calls from different countries, people seeking help. Everyone has his or her problems and they want the help and they call us. This is God’s doing and he want his people to be helped,” he said.

Some of the comments include:

Comments on the Mirror include

Dave Smith- Call him on the phone..OK what service does God got? Is it all inclusive and all you can eat? His phone must be ringing 24/7 “help me dear God, my lil puppy done gone missin” ” help me God my man be messin with Frankie..”………..

DaveSmith – But God didn’t tell him where there is a gold mine, so he can make his church rich..instead he just passes around the collection box. By the way, that’s a nice suit he is wearing,and bet he lives in a nice house and drives a nice car. Hallelujah

DerekStocker – He should sell the number. So many gullible people, he would make a fortune if it was a recorded message at ‘god’s’ end. This has to be fake news. After 12 years in Zim I cannot believe the povo are still this silly!

Comments on the Sowetan Live include:
Why is it that it is only our black brothers and sisters who manage to kill the religious belief by visiting God ( Mb**o) and now we are phone call away from God( Zimbabwe’s style) ? Believe you me,these people will bet the last rand that they saw God’s mother one day,watch this space.

SufferNoMore: So when Jesus was saying that Helloi Helloi stuff while he was being screwed, he was actually Hello Hello to God and the network was having none of it in terms of coverage.
Christians are disappointing me now, we cant be this naïve, this is absurd. people must read their bibles and stop believing anything that these pastors say. aybo is it poverty that is turning us into mamparas

Bluddy idiot congregation.They should have simply asked this conman idiot to put the call on speaker. I wonder what excuse he would have given.

When I call Cape Town from Jozi, there is about 5 seconds delay between convos, when calling America there is about 10 seconds. But calling haven there should be about 3 days delay especially calling from Zim. You say hello today and the response will be on Thursday on the other line. You have been dubbed fat mama.

If you want Africans to willingly give you all their money – Start a church – – – Get your squad together perform few fake Miracles then you gonna be rich. H Metro
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