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Prophet Makandiwa Speaks On Economic Turnaround Strategies

Zimbabwe is a decision away from repositioning and regaining herself into prosperity and the modus is two fold. It is when people fail or h...

Zimbabwe is a decision away from repositioning and regaining herself into prosperity and the modus is two fold. It is when people fail or have no clue on how to take action to restore sanity that God takes the initiative and provides guidelines through His prophets. 

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is one man who stands out with clarity of purpose as regards economic turnaround for the nation.

I am cognizant of the fact that the prophetic presents a ripe platform for hullabaloo in our setting but the fact remains that God, the Supreme Being that He is, has a plan to take Zimbabwe back to her feet.

By Standa Sani
It is very important to realise that the prophetic ministry is a divinely orchestrated extension of the church which preserves moral values and instills positivity in a nation that is filled with insurmountable negativity. It is not that the prophetic has not provided the much needed answers to the political dispensation in Zimbabwe. But as the saying goes, you cannot take the horse to the river and force it to drink too. The powers that be have always, times without number, been provided with solutions through documented prophecies which should see the rising of our beloved nation but one wonders whether a deliberate choice is made to ignore the information or perhaps the information does not find its way to the rightful ears.
Prophet Makandiwa Speaks On Economic Turnaround Strategies
Let me remind you of the ‘Dhiziri paChinhoyi’ story which saw an elderly woman, a spirit medium for that matter, claiming that purified diesel was oozing out of the rocks on top of a hill. State Ministers visited the place only to discover that the story was cooked. The woman was sent to prison.

Can anyone among you tempt to answer why the Zimbabwean government has failed to heed to the call of Prophet Makandiwa that there is an oil deposit in Zimbabwe? Was that not going to provide an opportunity to test the authenticity of the Call of God on the Prophet? Instead, the Prophet challenged the government in another documented instance asking the ministries concerned to bring live television so that he would show them where the oil is in the full view of the world. But guess what? Not even one Minister took that seriously.

What happened to the doctrine of precedence? If somebody was incarcerated for misleading the nation on matters of national interest, why has the government failed to do the same here? Is it because the nation is heavily bent and inclined on African Traditional Religion such that any form of supernatural prowess cannot be found anywhere else?

My assumption rather is that the information about turnaround of the economy is perhaps not reaching the ears that matter because whoever is receiving it would rather take advantage of the prophetic for personal gains should they get the chance to do so at the expense of the country.

Now, the oil deposit prophecy remains minute and microcosmic to what God, through the Prophets has brought to light in Zimbabwe for turnaround purposes.

Egypt, from bible times, had the wisdom of paying attention to spiritual matters. The nation was so sensitive such that whoever had some level of spiritual illumination whether by the Spirit of God or through voodooism and whether through seeing visions or dreams was having a place into the palace. The Pharaohs of Egypt took advantage of spiritism and because of this, the nation became a formidable giant in food security such that when there was a drought throughout the entire earth, even Abraham sought refuge in Egypt.

I would like to urge the government to take advantage of what God has already done in providing the much needed solutions for the turnaround of our nation.