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Lameck Makwiramiti Joins Donate A Shoe Campaign

Man of the moment and Social Media sensation, Lameck “Makwiramiti” Chimoka, who shot into the limelight after his sensational graveside sp...

Man of the moment and Social Media sensation, Lameck “Makwiramiti” Chimoka, who shot into the limelight after his sensational graveside speech at a funeral wake of his neighbour and “inlaw”, who died recently in Mabvuku, has joined the Donate A Shoe Campaign, run by Tinoda Trust.

Tinoda Trust, is an initiative run by Harare businessman Mr Fagio Marowa and has benefited many disadvantaged children through its Donate A Shoe Campaign.

In an interview with The Loud Voice, Marowa confirmed to have approached Makwiramiti to take part in his noble initiative.

The donate a shoe campaign took off in December 2016 on social media. Its quest is donation of shoes both new or old but mainly focusing on school shoes.

So far the intiative has benefited 1480 school children from Murewa, Darwin and Harare.

Tinoda Trust founder Mr Fagio Marowa confirmed the development and he said he was grateful for the support from local artists, corporates, churches, several other well-wishers and now Lameck, for the support.
Lameck Makwiramiti Joins Donate A Shoe Campaign
“We are very happy with the progress made so far, we want to take the intiative to all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe and this year we are targeting to cover about 15 000 less priviledged people, but mainly school going children,” added Marowa.

The video of Harare man Lameck “Makwiramiti” Chimoka has gone viral after he came out proclaiming that his daughter’s “mother in law” was not a good person as pronounced by people in graveside messages.

The Loud Voice visited the man’s residence in Mabvuku to find out who this man really is.

Several people interviewed gave some hints on who Lameck is.

“Munhu aribhoo zvekuti uyu, but he just doesn’t take nonsense, anga akangodaro kubva kudhara,” said one man only identified as Nick.

The Loud Voice crew trailed lameck to his work place where he does brick moulding and his peers equally commended him for his warm heart.

We also did a follow up on him after he said he wanted to attend a funeral of a neighbour only identified as mdara Freza. He went to CCAP Mabvuku where he picked congregants in his truck to the cemetry in Tafara where he was seen helping in all the burial processes.

People interviewed by The Loud Voice at the funeral described Lameck as a community leader par excellence who believes in hard work, co-existence and unity among families.

Lameck Chimoka who is also a member of the Zimbabwe Bussiness and Arts Hub (ZIBAH) told this publication that he has since recieved calls from several corporates so that he can some endorse some of their products through adverts and marketing services.

In an interview, ZIBAH chairperson Takemore Mazuruse said he was briefed of the developments and he will try by all means to unlock value in Makwiramiti by giving him advise and structuring the endorsement deals for him.

“Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub is all about excellence and being someone with the requisite experience in brand management, I will personally give him guidance on how he can tap from his new found fame.

Zimbabwe calls for people who are alive to possibilities and we encourage all progressive citizens to seize opportunities as they arise,” Mazuruse said.