Monday, 8 May 2017

Married Woman Caught Pants Down At Tsikamutanda

A married woman from Lubangwe Village under Chief Nyazonke in Matopo has deserted her home after she was allegedly caught pants down with Tsikamutanda.

Sitshengisiwe Sibanda (35) is now facing assault charges after she scalded with boiling water a relative of her husband Tryphine Sibanda who trapped her and caught her red handed.

Sibanda was arraigned before Filabusi Magistrate Jim Ntonga and was given an effective 204 hours community service to be performed at Tshelanyemba Hospital. Tafireyi Smart prosecuted.
Married Woman Caught Pants Down At Tsikamutanda
Allegations are that Sibanda was caught in the act with Victor Moyo (36) of Sun yet senInjadam Village under chief Nyangazonke. Allegations are that the two always had sex when Sibanda’s husband Mlilo was away on duty and the later got tipped.

Neighbours are said to have become suspicious when they realized that Tsikamutanda only came for rituals when the husband was not there.

On the fateful day the husband arranged for his young brother’s wife Tryphine to stay at a neighbour’s house and lay an ambush since he was away for a week. They waited until they saw Moyo sneaking into the house and then pounced and the two were found in the act.

Tsikamutanda escaped while an infuriated Sibanda scalded Tryphine.

Sibanda then fled the scene and has not returned since then. She is reported to be staying with new lover at Injadam village near the hospital.

It is also in the state case that three hours after the incident one house and two huts were torched at the homestead.

The cause of the fire was not established.

Source: Masvingo Mirror

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