Monday, 8 May 2017

Apostle Gabriel Cherubim Caught In Love Triangle ... Destroys A Marriage

An apostle with Living Works Global Church is being accused of causing the collapse of a marriage.

Apostle Gabriel Cherubim, real name Paul Chipato, is at the centre of the breakup of Royce Mapaike and Tsungirirai Shilling with the man of cloth bonking the married woman when her husband was in South Africa hustling for the family. There are stunning revelations that the love triangle resulted in a se_xually transmitted infection which Royce said he contracted after having se_x with Tsungirirai during one of her visits to South Africa.

H-Metro is in possession of chats between Apostle Cherubim and Tsungirirai where they discussed their se_x life, sharing pictures of their privates with the latter confirming missing se+x with the man of cloth.
Apostle Gabriel Cherubim Caught In Love Triangle ... Destroys A Marriage
“I moved to South Africa some time last year in June and my wife would come every month from our Masvingo base to see me.

“I could not go back home to see her during the period because of some other pressing issues but she would come to see me.

“I was surprised on her visit in December last year when she insisted that we use protection when having sex of which I could not take.

“That is when I contracted a se_xually transmitted disease,” said Royce. He said Tsungirai swore that she was not sleeping around leaving the case in limbo.

“Her sisters went to an extent of defending her saying I was the one who had brought the STI into the home.”

Royce said he started suspecting his wife of cheating.

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