Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Man Disowned By Relatives For Marrying Wife Living With Albinism

If it was a story line in any of the ZBC TV local dramas or Nollywood channels, it would be dismissed as a tired concept, but surprisingly, not everyone has taken heed to the gospel of eradicating any form of stigma.

If the events unfolding in this story are anything to go by, then there is still a long way before Zimbabweans can boast of eradicating stigma.

When 26 year old Adonia Macheza, who is blind made a decision to marry the love of his life seven years ago, there was pandemonium in his family.

His family and relatives disowned him as they could not come to terms with his choice of marrying a woman living with albinism.
Man Disowned By Relatives For Marrying Wife Living With Albinism
Enraged by his nephew’s decision to marry a woman living with albinism, Macheza’s uncle destroyed the homestead and vandalised property leaving the couple homeless.

The ZBC News crew tracked the two love birds to their cousin’s homestead in Mberengwa’s Shumbashava area where they are now staying and found a happy family although being traumatised.

Adonia who lost his eyesight at the age of five after his grandmother used some traditional medicine to treat his eye problem says among other accusations, his relative berate his wife for being lazy.

Due to her skin condition, she cannot work in the fields especially under the scotching heat of Mberengwa.

A stone throw away from his cousin’s place where he is temporarily staying is a perimeter fence that now stands as a reminder of where his parents’ home once stood.

His grandmother Mbuya Chihora denies the family is opposed to him marrying a woman living with albinism but claims Macheza’s uncle is the one who wants him to live with his maternal relatives.

Adonia who is a talented mbira player says he has recorded quite a number of songs and his only challenge is getting into a studio to record his music.

He has since composed a song inspired by his life’s experiences.

Adonia is not one person who dreams of ever begging anything, all he longs for is an opportunity to showcase his musical talents to the world and take care of his young family.

Source: Zbc

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