Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Fake Prophets Take Over Zimbabwe BY STORM ... Citizens beware

The title of prophet has in recent years grown in its use and abuse. It would appear anyone who can predict what you had for lunch or what colour of undergarments one is wearing can now confidently masquerade as a prophet and lay claim to that title.

At the rate at which prophet and other titles associated with the Christian church are being thrown about, it shall not be surprising to see the line between prophecy and witchcraft being blurred further.

Elsewhere in this issue we carry the story of a self-professed tsikamutanda who has hit the headlines before in this publication demanding his goblins from a prophet who leads a church in Gweru.

We are told that the goblin owner decided to give up his evil ways and joined the prophet’s church. He says he was promised peace in his new found faith and that his goblins that were tormenting him at the time, were taken by the prophet during an exorcism/deliverance at the church.
Fake Prophets Take Over Zimbabwe BY STORM ... Citizens Beware
The vocal man said the prophet failed to meet his side of the bargain as he was still being troubled by the spirits from his old life, hence his decision to reclaim his goblins and go back to his old ways. Also, and quite curiously, the man claims that the prophet appeared to have been using the goblins to generate wealth for himself and pull crowds to his church. What we have witnessed in some of these spiritual battles is that the tools of the evil trade are normally destroyed and the one that would have converted taught new faith-based ways of living.

The fact that the goblins have since been returned suggests that they were never destroyed, raising questions over what the prophet did with these creatures and where they were kept all this time.

The man has also accused the prophet’s church of using him in their advertising messages where they claimed that the prophet was an overcomer of witches/wizards, with a video of the man surrendering the goblins as evidence.

We believe the public should watch out for some of these prophets and be sure that the God that they worship is the same God that they will be seeking.

When goblins can be exchanged between so-called men of God and witch-hunters, it raises questions over the genuineness of the prophets and which deity they serve.

This should serve as a warning to the public to be sure of who they are following and not be hoodwinked by the use of the term “prophet” and shiny suits, while being led into sorcery and hazardous cults. You shall know them by their fruits indeed.

Source: B Metro

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