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Drama At Alick Macheso Show

There was drama at Alick Macheso ’s show in Mbare recently when the musician stormed off the stage after his ex-guitarist Taffy Nyamunda ...

There was drama at Alick Macheso’s show in Mbare recently when the musician stormed off the stage after his ex-guitarist Taffy Nyamunda joined the band’s performance.

Orchestra Mberikwazvo was playing the song “Gungwa” when Nyamunda, who was fired a month ago together with Donald Gogo and Forward Antonio, went on stage, took a guitar and started strumming chords that he popularised during his days with the group.

Nyamunda grabbed an opportunity of limelight when Mike Maikoro briefly left his rhythm guitar unattended as he went back stage.

Macheso did not immediately realise what was happening behind him and he was surprised to see Nyamunda doing his antics as he advanced towards the crowd that had begun cheering him on.

Macheso abruptly moved away from the microphone, ordered other instrumentalists to stop playing and rushed backstage, leaving Nyamunda exposed. The tension left the guitarist with no option and he also left the stage. At back stage, Macheso confronted Maikoro who was eating sadza.

“Why did you give him (Nyamunda) the guitar? You were supposed to consult me first,” the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader fumed.
Drama At Alick Macheso Show
Maikoro explained that he was not aware that Nyamunda had taken his guitar.

“I was hungry, so I rushed here to eat. I was coming back to play my part on the song. I think he just rushed,” Maikoro explained.

Asked by this writer why he was so angry, Macheso retorted, “Every organisation has rules. People do not do what they want. If it was at your workplace and you were on suspension, would you just go into the newsroom unannounced? Do you think your editor would be happy?

“He was supposed to talk to me or the management first. I do not have a problem with him coming to reconnect with fans, but the way he did it was a direct challenge to authorities.”

After the chaotic break, that lasted about 10 minutes, Macheso and Maikoro joined others on stage and the show proceeded. In an interview after the incident, Nyamunda said he did not think his action would lead to such a scene.

“I took it lightly. It is common for instrumentalists to join their former bands on stage. I just took it that way and I did not know he would be so angry. I am sorry about that. We have been trying to negotiate to be taken back in the band, but it seems our attempts have failed.”