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Beverly Sibanda Apologises To Andy Muridzo

Popular dancer Beverly Sibanda claims she has suffered a miscarriage . She claims she was pregnant with a baby boy by musician Andy Muridzo...

Popular dancer Beverly Sibanda claims she has suffered a miscarriage. She claims she was pregnant with a baby boy by musician Andy Muridzo and was four months pregnant. 

Bev as she is commonly referred to said the mishap happened after her performance at a local club. She even produced a medical report from Harare Central Hospital-at least according to the stamp on it- to support her claims.

Yes I suffered a miscarriage on Sunday after my show at Holly’s Hotel. I had to seek medical attention and I am recovering well I will be fine,” said Bev. Asked if she had not been faking the pregnancy from the beginning she said

“Why should I lie? The person who was responsible for the pregnancy confirmed that we had se_x and he didn’t dispute that it was unprotected. So who are you to go around and say that I fabricated the story? This is the medical report, you can read and see it for yourself, whether you understand medical jargon or not it’s not my business,” she said.
Beverly Sibanda Apologises To Andy Muridzo
The doctor said I was working too much and didn’t give myself time to rest. I think as you know and you have been to most of my shows, I had three or four shows every week since I fell pregnant. I didn’t know that this will affect me to this extent, I had a plan to stop performance at least at six months and I was actually working on savings to use on maternity leave. However, it’s now history and I didn’t know what was in store for me,” said Bev.

The doctor she claims to have attended to her refused to speak to the press, citing professional reasons. Bev suspects she ran into problems last Saturday during her performance at Nicholas Zakaria’s album launch at the Aquatic complex. The doctor even said I saw some of your pictures at Aquatic Complex on H-Metro website. I was told that it’s not good for a pregnant woman,” she said. She said she is recovering well and she expects to be back on stage anytime soon. “Remember this happened on Sunday and today (yesterday) its Thursday. I will be fine soon” she updated her whatsapp status to read “I will be fine soon”, as of yesterday. Bev also apologized to Andy Muridzo for losing the child. “It was out of my control. I can just say sorry. I’m sorry.

Source: H Metro