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Breaking News ... Econet and Telecel Introduce New Data Packages

Mobile operators Econet Wireless and Telecel Zimbabwe have introduced new data packages in a bid to entice the market and broaden busines...

Mobile operators Econet Wireless and Telecel Zimbabwe have introduced new data packages in a bid to entice the market and broaden business on the back of dropping revenue from voice calls.

Through its new bundle, the Data Double Up, Econet says its customers are given 100 percent free Wi-Fi on all data purchases with an additional new weekly data bundle purchase starting from $0.50 instead of $1.

Telecel has also announced a new data, voice and text package for its Telecel Go pre-paid subscribers known as MegaBoost — a combo bundle with various benefits.

Econet said through the Smart Data Network, customers are able to experience high internet speeds complemented by the widest data coverage in the country.

“The revamped data offerings all come with 100 percent free Wi-Fi data. This applies to the daily, weekly and monthly data bundles. For instance, the $1 daily data bundle gives Econet customers 250MegaBytes (MB) plus another free 250MegaBytes (MB), usable at any Econet Wi-Fi zone,” said Econet in a statement.

Econet Chief Executive Officer, Mr Douglas Mboweni, said the new data packages would promote access to the Internet in line with a commitment to meet Sustainable Development Goals.

“We have over 300 WiFi zones across the country and the list is still growing complemented by our strong LTE/4G footprint for faster speeds.

“LTE is a 4G wireless communications standard that is designed to provide up to 10 times the speeds of 3G networks for mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, notebooks and wireless hotspots,” he said Mr Mboweni.

Telecel Zimbabwe head of marketing, Mr Christopher Rubatika, said the introduction of the MegaBoost package was in response to the demand for more affordable mobile services for both voice and in particular data.

“MegaBoost, as the name suggests, is our all-inclusive package which gives our pre-paid customers a much needed boost in terms of making mobile services like data, voice, text and social media access more affordable. MegaBoost is a response to increasing customer requests for affordable mobile services,” he said.
Econet and Telecel Introduce New Data Packages
Mr Rubatika said a $1 subscription, for example, will give Telecel customers on the MegaBoost package 30MB for WhatsApp, 50MB data to surf the internet, 15 minutes of Telecel-to-Telecel voice calls, four minutes of calls to other local networks and 15 texts all valid for 24 hours.

On the high end, $10 will provide unlimited WhatsApp, 1Gig of data, 150 minutes of Telecel-to-Telecel calls, another 25 minutes to call other local networks and 300 SMS all valid for a full month.

He said the MegaBoost package will give Whatsapp, data, voice calls and text benefits to Telecel customers who have recharged with 50 cents, $1, $2, $5, and $10.

Pre-paid customers who recharge for 50 cents all the way up to $10 can purchase the MegaBoost bundle as well. The Chronicle