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Keeping Up With Stunner and Olinda - It’s all about the Benjamins

Zimbabwe is one step away from broadcasting its own version of ‘ Keeping up with the Kardashians ’, that pitiable reality television show ...

Zimbabwe is one step away from broadcasting its own version of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, that pitiable reality television show that unnecessarily allows us to peep into the life of a family that we truly don’t care about.

The only difference is that our local characters are way too amateurish, they don’t even know the basics so as to make their ploy more convincing or commercial.

Olinda Chapel, rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme’s wife, needs to know that the Facebook publicity stunt that she pulled on Thursday nauseated a good number of people.

For the benefit of those not in the know, Chapel (33) invited the whole world into her flashy home to inform us that she is very hurt, furious and disappointed in her rapper hubby.

Stunner, her 36-year-old beau of less than a year, is said to be cheating on her with 18-year-olds; splashing her money on the younger and presumably slimmer women.

Most people understand her pain despite the fact that she thinks they do not feel it. Apparently love is pain, it is not smooth sailing all the time.

Cheating can never be condoned in marriage or in any other intimate relationship, especially considering the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, when partners cheat, there are proper channels to use in addressing the issue, not social media.

For a good quarter of an hour, Chapel humiliated herself and her husband as she tore into their young marriage, cursing all the way with words that are unprintable in this respectable publication. It’s all about the Benjamins, not once did she mention the word ‘love’ in that lengthy video.

Thanks to Chapel, we now know that she has been bankrolling Stunner’s supposedly expensive lifestyle. Apparently, she has been taking him from one expensive car to the next, making him the fashion icon that he is, and sending his daughter to a good school. Now sister Olinda, that is what good wives do for their husbands, and the good husbands do that for their wives in return; as long as the couple can afford to spoil each other.

But besides money flowing in one direction, both are unhappy, with Stunner ashamed of Chapel’s weight (she has had to undergo cosmetic surgery for him, she says she almost died because of that!), and Chapel of him squandering her money.

Here in Zimbabwe, our culture does not permit us to wash our dirty linen in public, hatifukure hapwa. Couples talk things over behind closed bedroom doors. Maybe it’s different in the UK.

The reason we do this is because we know that there is plenty of room that no matter how pissed off at each other spouses can be at one moment, all they need is to gaze into each other’s eyes and before we can bat our eyes, they would have kissed and made up.

You do not need to let the world see your dirty laundry and then take it all back inside when it thaws, it takes away all the dignity from any union.

Nevertheless, Chapel cried, it’s now all water under the bridge. Thank God she is still alive. She didn’t overdose those tablets as she had threatened to do. Word has it that after all was said and done, the couple is now back together.

With the storm receding, those with busy minds are now wondering how Stunner managed to raise the $16 000 bride-price for Chapel last year. She who talks so much told us that figure back then.

The rapper, he who can’t afford to buy a simple sofa or headboard, paid double-digit lobola! How come some people are beginning to think someone married herself?
Keeping Up With Stunner and Olinda -  It’s all about the Benjamins
Just a quick one – what this sister had with Stunner, was it a proper marriage or it was one of convenience? Sort of kuhwandirana? And chihwande-hwande has gone burst?