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First Lady Grace Mugabe Cries Victim On Diamond Ring Scandal

First Lady Grace Mugabe has played the victims card in her $1.4 million diamond ring saga saying she did not invade anyone's premises ...

First Lady Grace Mugabe has played the victims card in her $1.4 million diamond ring saga saying she did not invade anyone's premises but she is a mere victim of a person she described as an 'international fraudster wanted by the international police', court papers show.

Late last year, Grace who is holidaying with her husband President Robert Mugabe in the Far East made headlines when it emerged that she invaded three properties belonging to a Lebanese diamond dealer, Jamal Ahmed whom she demands to refund her a whopping $1,35 million she paid for a 10, 07 carat diamond ring.

The invasion prompted Ahmed to approach the courts to recover his properties .

However, according to media reports, through an affidavit filed by her lawyers Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners, Grace denies invading any property.

She also said the $1,3 million is from her savings accumulated through hard work over the years.

The ring was to be delivered before August 17, 2016, her wedding anniversary.

According to Grace account, she first met Ahmed's daughter and wife in Dubai for tea but never discussed the diamond ring.

"The truth is that in April 2016, I called Zeina, the first applicant's wife, who lives in Dubai, I told her that I wanted a diamond and to have it set on a ring.

"Furthermore, I told her that this diamond was a gift from my husband [President Robert Mugabe] on our 20th marriage anniversary.

"She then said she would give her husband, the first applicant (Ahmed), my number. I told her that the diamond was required, as my husband was saving for me for this stone for our 20th anniversary in August 2016" reads part of the affidavits as reported by NewsDay.

She added "On April 8, 2016, applicant's wife, on his instructions, phoned me and told me she had sent pictures of different shapes of diamonds for my choices,".
Grace Mugabe Cries Victim On Diamond Ring Scandal
Grace said she was then given the price for a 10,07-carat gemstone, which she had selected, but later believed the cost had been inflated. Grace and Zeina would hook up again in Dubai on May 2.

The ring isssue did not crop up.

"Despite demand to view the stone, first applicant was adamant [not] to show me the stone I had ordered, saying the seller would only do that [show the ring] after receiving full payment.

"Various communication on texts and on WhatsApp messaging will show how endlessly first applicant failed to show me the stone I purchased. Up to this day, I have not been shown the stone I purchased from him" she added.

In June last year, Mugabe kept asking Grace whether the ring would be ready in time for their anniversary.

That was when Ahmed had gone quite.

Grace denied demanding that her money be paid outside Zimbabwe.

She has no bank account outside the country, she claimed.

"I have never thought of externalising money, neither can I do so, as any account I open will be pounced upon, as we are on sanctions with my husband. We lead by example.

"I never asked that I be paid in Dubai. It's a lie and I don't have an account thereat. I don't externalise funds. That's illegal. I do not partake in such illegal activities.

"This was hard-earned money saved over the years for this 20th anniversary. I cannot keep quiet," she said.
Source: Byo24News