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How to Get a Free Payoneer (Plus $25 Bonus)

Payoneer is a great PayPal alternative. PayPal's unethical business practices against Nigeria as one of the limited countries is uncall...

Payoneer is a great PayPal alternative. PayPal's unethical business practices against Nigeria as one of the limited countries is uncalled for.

PayPal wants to stop us from making money from them while they are making money from us. (Paypal still remains the most accepted online payment system because of it's highly secured, but not advisable for Nigerians as it is not yet legal to withdraw into Paypal acct, you can only use it to make payment online for now).

On that note, I hereby advocate that Africans use e- payment solutions like PAYONEER DEBIT CARD SYSTEM which is a worthy alternative for Paypal.

Receive a US and EUROPEAN collection bank account for commercial payments. Receive and withdraw funds in more than 200 countries, in over 70 currencies 24/7 customer support. Payoneer is a revolution in the online payment system. You can sign-up for free, and get your own prepaid Master Card in 30 days or less. Best of all, you will get $25 on your card when you send, or receive at least $100 (you can Refer friends too).

With this trusted company, you can invite people and make $25 per valid sign-up known as referral
bonus. This is the only payment system that gives a free US Bank account, to receive payment as any regular bank account owner. The money will be transferred directly to your card, and of course, you can withdraw money at any ATM worldwide. After signing up for your own payoneer card, you will be required to upload just one valid government issued ID (international passport or Drivers license or Voter's Card)

Note: the details on your ID must correspond with the information you signed up with. The MasterCard is shipped to you free of Charge (by regular mail). Delivery takes between 12 – 25 business days. If you need it urgently however, you can opt to use the Courier Service company option to handle the shipment (not free of charge).

Use your Payoneer Card for online shopping: Payoneer is recognized by virtually ALL eCommerce websites in the world – Because, it holds a real U.S bank account. Use it to pay for products you buy from Amazon, Mrp Aliexpress, WalMart, AliBaba and even on your local Online Shopping Sites (jumia and konga).

Your account is held in U.S dollars and will convert automatically when purchases are made in your local currency. Join Millions of Businesses & Professionals Getting Paid With Payoneer. Get your free Payoneer Master Card , and start earning extra money directly without limitations.


How To Fund A Payoneer In after Activating it on the payoneer Website.

Loading A Payoneer By Card Transfer... Payoneer provides a facility to fund your payoneer by Transferring fund from any other Payoneer Card, Visa, Verve or MasterCard from any bank around the world.

All you need do is simply visit the Payoneer Load Card page (on. Payoneer website) and fill in the
required information. The information needed at the Payoneer Load Page include

  • Email Address of Payoneer Card Holder you wish to fund.
  • Card Type
  • The Amount
  • Reason for Loading the Payoneer. Once the form is filled successfully and submitted, a transaction fee of $7.50 would be deducted for the transfer. This is one working method to fund your payoneer.
Funding Payoneer via Online Earnings From Partners. This is quite simple. Kindly select payoneer as your payment options. Then fill in the card details into the space provided exactly as it is on the card and then save.

There are a whole lot of Payoneer partners that pay through the Payoneer. GOOGLE SEARCH " Payoneer Partners". For a comprehensive List. CLICK TO SIGN UP FOR PAYONEER DEBIT MASTER CARD
How to Get a Free Payoneer (Plus $25 Bonus)