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Parents bay for ‘mubobobo’ headmaster’s blood

Parents of pupils at Melusi High School in Silobela in the Midlands province are baying for the blood of the school headmaster , Mr Ever...

Parents of pupils at Melusi High School in Silobela in the Midlands province are baying for the blood of the school headmaster, Mr Everisto Zvidzai whom they accuse of using mubobobo on teachers and pupils, a development which has seen 13 teachers fleeing the institution while parents are threatening to withdraw their children.

The headmaster has, however, since denied the accusations.

Mubobobo, metaphorically called ‘bluetooth sex’ is a kind of black magic whereby a man can supposedly have sex with a woman from a distance and without her consent.

The development at the school follows a series of mass hysteria that has intermittently hit the learning institution since the beginning of the year with more than 20 pupils claiming to be having supernatural experiences where they allegedly see Mr Zvidzai in their illusions calling them.

Sunday News has it on good authority that another wave of hysteria gripped scores of female pupils at Melusi High School two weeks ago who simultaneously started speaking in alien language while allegedly calling the headmaster’s name alleging that he was calling them.

A few days later, another mass hysteria hit the school and started spreading to teachers with some claiming that they had supernatural experiences while some alleged that they felt like they were having sex.
Parents bay for ‘mubobobo’ headmaster’s blood
Parents bay for ‘mubobobo’ headmaster’s blood
This raised suspicion that there could be someone using mubobobo on the pupils since the hysteria was only affecting females while some suspected acts of satanism.

A police source alleged that some of the children started having the same experiences while at home where they would act weird claiming that they were seeing the headmaster, Mr Zvidzai in their illusions.

“The matter although it is not of police interests since allegations of witchcraft are intricate and the law does not give a provision for police to investigate witchcraft, the community is suspecting that the headmaster is using mubobobo on school pupils and that he could be involved in satanism since most children were having supernatural experiences where he would appear in the pupils’ illusions. Parents went and demonstrated at the school and education offices in Kwekwe demanding the transfer of the headmaster while some teachers are said to have fled the school since the hysteric attacks,” said the police source.

A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said about 20 children were hit by hysteria at one go prompting parents and other people in nearby communities to besiege the school armed with machetes accusing the headmaster of using mubobobo on their children and also attempting to initiate them into Satanism. The teacher said parents engaged different prophets from different apostolic sect churches and all fingered the school headmaster.

“About 20 pupils would faint at school and they would start shouting the headmaster’s name saying he was calling them together with two other teachers. This has been happening since first term and the pupils claimed that the headmaster Mr Zvidzai was behind the inexplicable experiences by pupils.

“The situation worsened when children started having the same experiences at home. Left with no option, the parents took their children to a prophet who also confirmed that the headmaster and the teachers were causing the pupil’s hysteria. Parents then besieged the school demanding the transfer of the school headmaster and other teachers linked to the weird happenings,” said the source.

Chief Malisa, in whose jurisdiction the school falls under, confirmed the incident saying they had engaged Guta RaMwari Church to cleanse the school.

He said 13 teachers fled the school following the incident and the community on Thursday approached the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to have the headmaster transferred to another school or resign.

“We are not happy with the situation at the school. I was there on Monday (last week) and I heard that the headmaster is now seeking to be transferred from the school. The community is not happy because of what has been happening at the school.

“There are allegations of weird happenings at the school which the parents and the community suspect were being caused by the headmaster,” he said.

Silobela representative in the National Assembly Cde Manoki Mpofu also confirmed that there were allegations of mubobobo and witchcraft at Melusi High School which he received from traditional leaders in the area. He said the situation was being addressed by Chief Malisa.

Mr Zvidzai could neither deny nor confirm and refused to entertain the media referring all questions to the provincial head office.

“I cannot talk to the media because l don’t have that authority. I also have a series of meetings to attend to at the moment,” he said.

Midlands provincial education director Mrs Agnes Gudo professed ignorance promising to investigate the matter and giving this reporter a feedback.

“I am not aware of such an incident. However, I will be in Silobela on Friday and I will investigate the matter and give you the information you want,” she said.

Efforts to get in touch with her yesterday were fruitless as her phone went unanswered. The Sunday News