Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Woman drafts sex roster for son’s wife

In a strange sexual arrangement, a woman in Gudo Village in Bikita, Masvingo Province reportedly drafted a sex roster for her daughter-in-law in which she ordered her to take turns to sleep with both her husband and his younger brother.

This was after she reportedly suspected that her eldest son was allegedly impotent after going for many years without a child.

It is reported that Muchaneta Masakura ordered her daughter-in-law Modi Besitara to have a slot between the sheets with her husband Simbarashe Mushakuro’s younger brother Rangarirai so that she could have a grandchild.

It is alleged that Simbarashe also agreed at the instigation of his mother who told him that it was the only way he would become a father.

Relating the story to B-Metro, Chief Mupwakwa whose jurisdiction the area falls under said Besitara’s “baby-crazy” mother-in-law forced her to take turns to have sex with her husband and his younger brother after she suspected that her eldest son (Simbarashe) was infertile.

To escape the brutal treatment, Chief Mupwakwa said Besitara brought the matter to his attention.
Woman drafts sex roster for son’s wife
“It is one of the strange cases to come before my court. What happened is that Simbarashe and Modi have been married for a long time without a baby. Simbarashe’s mother who apparently suspected that her son was impotent and needed a grandchild became so impatient that she ordered Modi to also entertain Rangarirai in bed until she falls pregnant.

“From the look of things it is clear that Simbarashe at the instigation of his mother agreed to share his wife with his younger brother so that he becomes a father.

“Masakura sternly ordered her daughter-in-law to seduce Rangarirai in the hope of bringing a grandchild to the family. However, Modi who had supposedly disagreed with the arrangement brought the matter to my attention and I quickly summoned them to my traditional court,” said Chief Mupwakwa.

Chief Mupwakwa who described the matter as “awkward” said he postponed it so that he could have “ample” time to come up with a proper judgment.

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