Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Brick-layer offers US$30 for 5 minors

A BORROWDALE Brook brick-layer was yesterday hauled to the maintenance court by his wife claiming US$250 for the upkeep of their five minor children.

This came to light at the Harare civil court where Memory Godzi was demanding US$250 for the upkeep of their five minor children accusing P Salatiel of neglecting his children.

Your worship, I don’t have a stable job since I earn a living as a vendor.

“I realise about US$30 per month which is not enough for the upkeep of our five minor children,” said Memory.

“The children need US$100 for food and groceries, US$100 for school fees, US$50 for uniforms,US$30 for transport fees and US$30 hospital bills therefore my net income is not enough for all these expenses.”
Brick-layer offers US$30 for 5 minors
In response, Salatiel, who offered US$30, said:

“Your worship I am currently unemployed realising US$25 per month from menial jobs which is not enough considering I have another wife.

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda, who presided over the matter, ordered Salatiel to pay US$100 per month with effect from May 30.

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