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Pastor Caught On Camera Having Threesome With Hookers

A KARIBA Remnant Church leader Pastor Patrick Phillip Mugadza was yesterday humiliated by Hookers at a local hotel.Lately he has been in th...

A KARIBA Remnant Church leader Pastor Patrick Phillip Mugadza was yesterday humiliated by Hookers at a local hotel.Lately he has been in the limelight for his solo political stunt at the Zanu PF Annual People’s Conference last year and the matter is before the courts.

While globally he is known as the man of cloth who challenged the country Presidents,he showed he showed his other side in Harare on Monday when he hired TWO senior hookers who operate in the Avenues area.

However,the drama started in the early hours of yesterday when he called hotel security to eject them after he spotted the substitute hooker trying to record him as he was being intimate with the other.
Pastor Caught On Camera Having Threesome With Hookers
Sources say the hookers tried to resist ejection as they demanded to be paid for the services rendered up to the time all hell broke loose.

“Vasikana ava vangavakundisetera saka ndazviona manje ndakangwara,ndarekodwa,ndiri pastor wekuKariba,” Pastor Mugadza was heard saying wrestling with the two hookers only identified as Molly and Nelly calling for help.
After a struggle,the hookers left but were back at the hotel around sunrise as the waited for the “pastor” to check out.

Nelly confirmed recording Mugadza’s se_x session with molly and demanding more from what she had initially agreed with him.

“He wanted to have a threesome with us and we taught him the language he understand better because he wanted me to watch his se_x session with Molly,” said Nelly.

“We agreed on $60 for the one night stand and he started with Molly until 2am and I was recording their se_x sessions.

“He spotted me recording after he discharged nekuti angaakatsinzinyira kungearikunamata and I nad nothing to do other than capturing the session using my smart phone.

“This man changed his mind of having se_x with me refusing to pay me and I demanded payment since he had wasted my time and taken me as a spectator of his se_x session with Molly.

“Amhanya kunouya nemasecurity guards and they forced us out of the room but I am not here to be used by somebody from Kariba after all he admired us saying we look se_xier than Kariba ladies,” said Nelly.

Molly refused to entertain H-Metro shying away from the cameras and left the scene leaving Pastor Mugadza to apologize to other guests at the hotel for distracting them.Pastor Mugadza claimed the women wanted to extort him.

“These ladies are after tarnishing my image and I spotted one of them recording and I know they want to post such material on websites to tarnish my image,” said Pastor Mugadza refusing to be clear on the reason of having them in his room.

“I came here not on church mission but for business talks with a certain Indian man and one of the guys came with these ladies.

“We had a meeting in their presence and I ended up accommodating them in my room unaware that they were on a mission to tarnish me.

“I don’t remember them being introduced before our meeting and as we speak I do not know their names,mumwe anenge anonzi Nelly iyeye anga achingobayabaya kaphone kake ndikazviona.

“I am a pastor based in Kariba I believe you know me and I hope you will write a positive story because if you do not I will look for my own reporters to counter your story.

“I know H-Metro for writing stories of such issues and I do not trust you to be honest.

“After suspecting their evil thoughts against me I left the room and asked the security guards who were on night duty to help me flash these hookers out of my room.

“I am thinking of calling my lawyer or posting what transpired on my Facebook Wall maybe it will help me,” said Pastor Mugadza.
Source: H Metro