Monday, 14 December 2015

When Prophet Magaya Visits Makandiwa... The Internet Goes Crazy...

The internet has gone ablaze with news that Prophet W Magaya has visited the UFIC church by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, creating quiet a storm online as many had perceived the two to be complete rivals who cant even share the same room.

In a move that has left many astonished and puzzled, Prophet Makandiwa walked into the main church service with Prophet W Magaya much to surprise of many who least expected such a move!

Twitter, facebook and some blogs have already stated trending on the move. Both Prophets are believed to command more than a million congregates combined and they pull the biggest crowd in one seating over their separate events.
When Prophet Magaya Visits Makandiwa... The Internet Goes Crazy...

Here is what we picked online on the developments of the move:

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, founder of United Family International Church (UFIC) today during the main Sunday service at the City Sports in Harare introduced a rather unexpected guest when he walked in with prophet Walter Magaya founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries.

Speaking during the main service, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said that he had insisted that Prophet Magaya visits another time due to pressing commitments but Prophet Magaya who was flying from Nigeria via South Africa insisted that he wanted to visit the church today, straight from the airport.

“I have never attended any other church service in my life in the past few years but today I am so glad to be here, my flight was getting delayed while I was in South Africa and I was only praying so that I could make it before the church service was over and pleaded with the man of God to wait for me when I landed,” said Magaya.

The purpose of his visit was to come and appreciate the man of God, Prophet Makandiwa, expressing his gratitude for pioneering the prophetic ministry in this nation.

Addressing UFIC congregants, Prophet Magaya thanked Prophet Makandiwa for being a pioneer in the Prophetic ministry and clearing way for other prophets like him to be established and accepted today in Zimbabwe.

“Five years back, I used to come in here and I would sit at the top back of bay 6, and I would listen with amazement and wonder of the gift that Zimbabwe has in Prophet Makandiwa. I thank God for the gift that we have in Zimbabwe, I am always saying for the name Prophet to be used on anyone, someone fought for it said Magaya.

While the nation could not accept you and fought you, you stood fast, and fought the battles on our behalf, you did not leave the nation at the time you were being persecuted, and ridiculed by many people, but you had the choice to simply quit and leave Zimbabwe with your gift , but that was not so,” added Magaya.

Magaya said that as young prophets they will take it upon themselves to defend and educate other people who do not know the battle which senior prophets like Prophet Makandiwa fought.
Prophet Makandiwa asked everyone to lift their hands and take some moments to pray for Prophet Magaya and his ministry.
Prophet Makandiwa said that they had been meeting and speaking recently with Prophet Magaya. Magaya added that he can’t wait for a day when both ministries would meet over a mega church service in Zimbabwe. 

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