Friday, 11 December 2015

Man kills himself after finding his wife being bonked

A man who returned home to find his wife n.aked on top another man, stabbed her before hanging himself in a nearby cemetery.

Farai Machokoto (37) from Silobela, acted on a tip-off and caught his wife Natasha Machokoto (28)enjoying an intimate game of hide your sausage in my honey pot on Thursday last week.

He confronted them but the boyfriend Dakawira Moyo took to his heels. Natasha was then stabbed and left for dead.
Man kills himself after finding his wife being bonked
Farai hatched a plan after he got wind that his wife was playing away. He phoned her, telling her that he would come after a week from in Bulawayo. But he came on the same day.
“He caught her sitting on top of him while they kissed each other. That did not go down well with Farai who then took out an Okapi knife, tried to stab Moyo who ran away. But his wife couldn’t run so he stabbed her twice on the shoulder, once on the hip and she collapsed,” said the source. He thought she was dead.

Chief Malisa confirmed the incident. “I can confirm that I received a report that one of my subjects from Leke village caught his wife kissing her lover.

After that he stabbed her and went on to hang himself at the gravesite,” he said.

Contacted for a comment Natasha denied the allegations and said the late was always hinting that he would hang himself and finally he did.

“He was so jealous and got so angry after finding me discussing with a male churchmate at our homestead. He then accused me of cheating on him after that he said he wanted to end my life and he stabbed me several times on the body and I collapsed. He left and hanged himself at the gravesite,” she said.

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