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Things You Need To Know About Love To Have More Of It

1) “Love is something that finds you.” ~ Amir Zoghi:  Isn’t it funny when you fall in love with someone, it can sometimes feel like the last...

1) “Love is something that finds you.” ~ Amir Zoghi: Isn’t it funny when you fall in love with someone, it can sometimes feel like the last person you’d ever expect to love. Or maybe you love to write, or play music, or climb mountains. When exactly did you decide you love that passion? Or don’t you think that in actuality, it chose you?

The Problem: You don’t have control over where your heart leads you, so if you don’t trust it, you miss out on more love.

When you fall in love, it’s as if you realize that your heart has chosen something, and in some ways, that feeling that moves your heart is not in your control. Love chooses you.

The Solution: Let your heart lead. Allow yourself to be moved by love and be patient with where it leads, you can’t see the big picture until you can see from hindsight where the story of your life was leading you.

When you’re open to life, life opens doors that make you come alive, even when you think it’s not what you want.

Sometimes it’s the very judgments you hold in your heart that are set free through experiences you may not have otherwise known, and that will give you more space in your heart for love.

2) “Falling in love is a risk.” ~ Amir Zoghi: Falling in love doesn’t always mean falling in love with a person, but no matter what you fall in love with, or who, there’s a risk involved. When you allow yourself to open yourself to something deeply, there’s a chance that you may be rejected, that you may fail, that you may have to stop doing what you love at some point.

Infinite possibilities doesn’t mean that only what you love is possible for you, it means that ALL possibilities are, including the things you don’t think you want.
Things You Need To Know About Love To Have More Of It
The problem: You want to have what you love, but are you willing to follow your heart into all possibilities and risk feeling pain? And stay with it?

For most people, you don’t just run a marathon. You train for it. You face challenges along the way, sometimes injuries, sometimes pain.

Do you stop what you love just because you don’t win the gold metal runner in the Olympics? Or if you don’t end up with that partner you’ve desired, do you stop opening your heart.

Some people only truly risk for love once or twice in their lives.

If you’re building a company, or falling in love, or taking any kind of risk towards a dream, it requires you to put your energy into and be willing to succeed and fail, reap rewards and face challenges. That’s what makes life so fun, and we aren’t meant to succeed or end up with everyone, life is often leading us to different places and sights.

The solution: Embrace all possibilities and trust in life itself. Stop trying to control life or what you experience through life.

Your heart is always connected with the infinite part of you that wants to experience the game of life, not win it or beat it or only succeed in it, but simply: live it.

There will be success and failure. There will be ups and downs. There will be acceptance and rejection. Infinite possibilities means beginnings and endings, and positives and negatives.

Trust in your Intuition. And when you don’t need a certain outcome from someone or something, that’s when you can truly love.

Love is being willing, being open, and having no expectations.

3) “Love is all there is, all else is your judgment of what is.” ~ Amir Zoghi: If love is all there is, isn’t it easier to love and keep your heart open than it would be to close off? Wouldn’t it take more energy? And can you think for yourself about a time you’ve been resistant to someone, doesn’t it bring more thinking into the mind, and take up more space?

The problem: The thinking mind holds onto the past and creates fear of the future, and that’s its role — to analyze data, like a computer. Control comes from fear and will get in the way of experiencing more trust and flow in your life.

Love is easier to do than anything else because it’s our natural state of being.

That’s why it feels so good when you open your heart to love. How natural does it feel to love? Be willing, be open.

If you’ve experienced too much that has shut you off from love, watch a little kid as they move in this world with others and you’ll notice how easy it is for them to love. There is no forgiveness required by one who lives in the moment, it’s simply what’s happening.

The solution… to every question is love, that’s what you do, you just love what you love and experience more love without expectation. That’s unconditional.