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Steps To An Epic 2016

When you reach the peak of a mountain, you know what you see? The other mountains. That’s the same with goals. That’s the same with one year...

When you reach the peak of a mountain, you know what you see? The other mountains. That’s the same with goals. That’s the same with one year after another.

You made it through 2015. It was one heck of a ride. New experiences. New people. New friends. Some negative experiences. Some really positive ones too.

And now you are looking out to 2016.  You feel empowered, excited and so anxious at the same time. How would this one unfold? Oooo.. would this one be more exciting than the last one.

We drift in the abyss of staying so focused on what could be the possibility of the year to come. We forget how important it is — that all those goals, hopes and dreams come true.

Being future focused is powerful. Getting all you want is joyful.

Here are 5 steps to making 2016 your most epic year yet:
Steps To An Epic 2016
1. Celebrate/Gratitude: Tons of studies, the genius scientists, gurus and my mother all have proven the power of gratitude. You know it works. Often though, its hard to be grateful. Looking at the goal list from 2015, you might feel more disappointed then excited.
I call it the Ghost of the Past. It can haunt us.

Here is another way to look at it. Instead of looking at what you couldn’t make work in last 12 months or so, think about what all did work. There is more than you may be taking credit for. Celebrating what you did achieve creates a list of reasons for you to be excited about the coming year.

Celebrate your wins. The hundreds you had this year. The growth in income, a relationship, kids…whatever it was.

2. Lessons learned: 
An important activity at the end of the year is to reflect on what were some of the key lessons you learned. Lessons from your past year could be your arsenal for the coming year. New skills acquired. New mindshifts. New trainings. New courses taken. These all add up.

They help us live a better life.

Write these lessons down. Reflecting on it embeds the learnings for you. This helps accessing this information when you need it next… while you are achieving your next feat.

3. Do more by doing less: Often the common understanding for achieving more is doing more.

It may sound counter intuitive, but often doing less is better than doing more.
When you do less, you are less overwhlemed, you are more present and you are more likely to do a higher quality of work.

Doing less and more relevant tasks allows you to achieve more. Find those tasks in your work and life flow.

4. Set an audacious goal: I love this bit. Set a goal that scares you a little, excites you a LOT. The audacity of our goals is often something that allows us to push beyond what we think is possible. Often we are limited by our own imagination. Set an audacious goal. Set 15 of them. The audacity of these goals put together with your learnings from your last year and doing the most important tasks will change your life. Forever.

5. Schedule for success: There is one big difference that has been repeatedly spotted with successful people. They schedule stuff.

They schedule for success. They put together calendars. THEY decide how their year is going to unfold. They follow through on that plan.

Ajit Nawalkha is an entrepreneur. His current venture is Evercoach, the world's best destination for coaches to become better at their skill.