Thursday, 19 November 2015

'He Makes Charlie Sheen Look Like An Amateur' Michael Phelps' Ex Slams Olympian

MICHAEL Phelps' self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend has launched a scathing attack on the Olympian – labelling him "worse than Charlie Sheen".

Taylor Chandler saw red after Michael announced he and his girlfriend Nicole Johnson are expecting their first child together.
OLYMPIAN: Michael is one of the best swimmers in the world
OLYMPIAN: Michael is one of the best swimmers in the world

The 40-year-old changed her name and used testosterone blockers when she was a teenager before having surgery to remove her male genitalia in her early 20s.

Taking to Facebook, Taylor said: "One of the hardest things ever for someone dealing with a gender challenge to deal with is an ex having a baby with another woman.

"It reinforces that lack of self worth, being woman enough. It amplifies that void already felt.
Taylor filmed an adult movie
Taylor filmed an adult movie
"I didn't lie. I didn't date multiple people at the same time. I didn't keep someone hanging on knowing it could hurt them.

"I didn't make promises I didn't keep. I am the one that lost my privacy, career, and life as I knew it because of one man and his actions. I did absolutely nothing wrong a year ago."

But that wasn't all, openly-hurt Taylor continued: "He took everything from me, so yes I am bitter.

"He made me emotionally crippled, broken and a mere shell of who I used to be.

"After losing my career, I did an adult film, not exactly something I ever would have chosen. I was trying to survive. That turned into me riding his coat tails… lol."

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Appearing to claim Michael has cheated on various women he has dated, Taylor moaned: “I wasn’t the one seeing two women at the same time telling them both the same things.

Before adding: "I wasn’t the one that got a DUI throwing all my deceptions into the public domain.

“You haven’t even scratched the surface of who this man is and the events of the last year. Let’s just say he makes Charlie Sheen look like an amateur!

"I hope that baby is born free of STD's. He's not the safest when pursuing his extra curricular activities outside the girls he is "dating"."

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