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Gideon Gono was once a CIO member and is set to succeed President Mugabe

VANCOUVER, Canada – Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Gideon Gono, is set to revive and re-brand Zanu PF, and subsequently lea...

VANCOUVER, Canada – Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Gideon Gono, is set to revive and re-brand Zanu PF, and subsequently lead it should the party split, as is now largely expected, amid indications that Vice President, Joice Mujuru, is set to be fired from her post, and will likely form a breakaway party, a close aid to the banker has disclosed toThe Telescope News.

This publication, will run a series of three articles on this shocking issue, dissecting the fresh revelation at hand. A second installment, shall be run by our chief Harare correspondent next Wednesday, and the final report summing it all up, is expected to be out on Friday 7 November 2014, from our editor in Germany.

Our reports, will bring to light details of a secret plan that has been on the cards for years, allegedly involving the country’s dreaded spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), top Zanu PF officials, and President Robert Mugabe himself, who as we shall learn, has been grooming Gono for a future presidency.

Gono came into the political limelight, when Mugabe appointed him central banker in November 2003, boasting that he had found a "new broom", that would sweep away the country’s vicissitudes, including deep economic chaos at the time, but little did the citizenry know, that Mugabe meant a broader mandate for Gono, who is still his personal banker and economic adviser of the first family.

The banker finally stepped down at RBZ on 30 November 2013 after a 10 year term at the apex, ostensibly to concentrate on his own businesses and farming, as a sideshow to hide Mugabe’s true intention with him.
Gideon Gono was once a CIO member and is set to succeed President Mugabe
"Zimbabwe is going to be shocked about Gono," said the aide. "What many people do not know is that, Gono himself is a former intelligence officer with the CIO, who was recruited by Mugabe to make a turnaround, of the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe, which is owned by government. Prior to that Gono had already been introduced to Mugabe, around 1987, when he was working as a finance manager, at the Zimbabwe Development Bank. Mugabe did not have difficulty in trusting him, and he was already helping the president manage his finances and investments. So one can safely say, Gono has been a protege of Mugabe’s since 1987, and obviously he was being groomed for bigger things, other than running a bank."

It became even clearer in March this year, when Mugabe threatened action against state media journalists, who were being accused of slapping Gono with a media black-out, to render his immediate political ambitins useless. Mugabe made the fiery remarks, while touring Gono’s chicken farm in Norton.

"And kuPress, they tell me some of them that they are not allowed to print anything that has to do with VaGono and say izvi ndezvaVaGono (this was done by Gono)," Mugabe said. "Ahhh, why not? Ndingade kumuziva iyeye anonzi ari kudaro (I would like to know who is saying that)."

"Since when did he become the enemy of the party and of government? Ah hameno (I don’t know). So the Press, Press, Press, Press, if indeed you have been instructed not to write your articles and say what you have seen is a project yaVaGono (Gono’s) and say only you have seen some project by a Zimbabwean, I would want you to, if you are going to write about this, and say the president, yes, visited VaGono naMai Gono kuproject yavo yekuno semaitiro andagara ndichiita gore ne gore VaGono ndivo vandavhakachira (I have visited Gono). No other person. If anyone says you should not have written their names, come and tell me and that person will get my boot on his backside. No and we don’t want to be doing that to each other."

Mugabe continued:"But we don’t want also this clandestine secret way of going at each other and avoiding each other. Hanzi vangatitorere mabasa. Vanokutorerai mabasa api? Mune mabasa enyu amakapiwa nani? Handiti ndini ndakavapa ini (They say he will get their jobs. What job? Who gave you those jobs. Isn’t it me who gave you those jobs?) Anywhere there it is, we work together."
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