Thursday, 9 May 2019

Olinda Chapel Launches Baby Club

Olinda Chapel-Nkomo who was recently blessed with a baby girl has started a baby club. The baby club is under her daughter’s name Nandi Amari Tadiwa Nkomo.

Olinda said she felt she had to start the club to help mothers who will be going through what she went through when she was pregnant.

“Nandi’s club is meant to help new mothers in vulnerable situations. The idea was stemmed from our growing interest in neonatal care.

“During my pregnancy, I suffered a number of complications and Nandi’s birth was a miracle and a blessing.

“So we would like to help mothers going through the same things especially those do not have the support and are struggling.
Olinda Chapel Launches Baby Club
“I was very fortunate to have a very supportive family and community.

“Nandi was gifted with a lot of makorokoto from the international community and we would like to pass this on to those less fortunate,” she said

She also revealed their target of mothers they intend to help.

“Between now and July 2019, the club aims to raise 1000 boxes for 1000 babies. We are currently going through our search criteria so we can identify those that have the highest needs.

“We aim to build our daughter’s legacy through initiatives so we pray God willingly this will continue with her, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren.

“Nandi is Olinda and Tytan’s daughter, she is always on the spotlight, vulnerable to the attention that she always gets.”

Olinda said she was using her influence to change people’s lives.

“We believe we might use that attention she receives for something positive and raise her in an environment where she understands how helping is way better than receiving.

“Each Nandi’s baby box is set to have: one baby bottle, seven rompers 0-3 months, seven vests 0-3 months, pack of reusable baby diapers, baby hat, baby blanket and maternity pads for mom.

“We hope each box will help new mothers and their newborn babies,” added Olinda. H Metro

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