Monday, 1 April 2019

Sandra Mtukudzi - Tuku Reincarnate

Sandra Mtukudzi is undoubtedly the carbon copy of the late musician. On Friday night, she appeared on stage donning an unbuttoned top, a white tee and a hat, which several people related to the late Tuku.

Music lovers concluded that she is Tuku reincarnate and reading from comments online, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, she did well to resemble her father.

Sandra is Selmor’s sister and part of Selmor’s group doubling as the band manager. They were performing at Andy Millar Hall for the Tuku tribute gig dubbed “Selmor and Friends”.

When she appeared on stage together with Selmor those who were watching from the back had to move close to the stage to see who she was.

Some initially mistook her for Piki Kasamba, one of the original members of Tuku’s Black Spirits.

Piki is famous for the kind of dressing that Sandra was putting on, an unbuttoned shirt and T-shirt inside.

He was also part of Selmor’s ensemble on Friday and this time in a different outfit, formal wear reportedly dressed by a local clothing line, Bachelors Republic.

The sisters did well in paying tribute to their late father, combining well with Piki on stage, pushing people down memory lane in remembering the late music icon. DailyNews

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