Monday, 29 April 2019

Ginimbi Responds To Prophet Passion Java’s Diss

Flamboyant businessman Ginimbi has replied to prophet Passion Java after the latter dissed his place of domicile and asked social media followers not to compare him to the businessman.

“Ginimbi ndiani , munondifananidza nemunhu anogara KuDomboshava” (Who is Ginimbi. How dare you compare me to a person who stays in Domboshava)”prophet Java scathingly remarked in a video clip.
Ginimbi Responds To Prophet Passion Java’s Diss
However, Ginimbi took to social media with a low key reply.

“Life is not a competition, it's about achieving your dreams, living your purpose and being happy… I live my life to the fullest and continue to thank God because I keep getting more and more” he tweeted.

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