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Gugu Gumede Speaks On Having A Love Affair with Pastor Alph Lukau

Gugu Gumede speaks on having a love affair with Pastor Alph Lukau “I did not have a father in my life, and Pastor A played that role,” she ...

Gugu Gumede speaks on having a love affair with Pastor Alph Lukau “I did not have a father in my life, and Pastor A played that role,” she says.

Over the last few weeks, some people have said on social media that Gugu and Alph feel very comfortable on some of the photos Gugu posted on their Instagram page.

“He is my spiritual father and I can not do anything if people believe there is more to it,” said Gugu, who is saddened by these theories.


Be that as it may, the performing artist separated herself and would not remark on a video of the minister who purportedly raised a dead man. “Our customer asserts that Ms Gumede is an individual from the International Ministries Alleluia, and keeping in mind that Pastor Lukau and his better half Celeste, Ms Gumede, are viewed as her otherworldly girl, there is no relationship past that,” says Sean Sim, lawful agent of Pastor Alph.

Counterfeit video

Lately, Pastor Alph will, in general, raise a man from the dead.

In the video cut, which can likewise be seen on the coupon page on Instagram, the back of a dead man is by all accounts in a pine box, which ought to be breathed life into back gratitude to the supplication of Pastor Alph.

The man seemed to have been covered by his family in Zimbabwe when they ceased in Alleluia Ministries and the global services.
Gugu Gumede Speaks On Having A Love Affair with Pastor Alph Lukau
As indicated by the congregation, when Pastor A. saw the man in the pine box, his eyes were somewhat open and his tongue was moving and he was all the while relaxing.

At the point when the man named Brighton Moyo contacted the minister, he was in a zombie-like state. Nonetheless, it was generally theorized that the video was rash and that Brighton, alluded to as Elliot’s video, had paid for the execution of the amusement. “This man was never wiped out or kicked the bucket,” said one of Brightonneighboursors, who onendeavouredred to select me to work in the congregation, and said he explicitly needed individuals who could communicate in English.

“Alleluia, the two universal clergymen, and Pastor A need to clarify that they are resolute in their conviction that through the intensity of God individuals can recoup, yet additionally become alive once again … The intensity of God knows the points of confinement Just not … In the video, it was clarified that when the dead vehicle touched base at the congregation fabricating, the vehicle previously had a development in the casket, and on Eliot, the minister says that Eliot is really breathing, “the announcement says.

Living in America

At the point when Gugu was just 18 years of age, her mom Zanele KaMsibi-Magwaza, who is likewise a pioneer of the National Freedom Party, perceived that she was so energetic to take her to a standout amongst the best show schools in the United States.

Gugu lived in Los Angeles and constructed a real existence there. Nonetheless, amid her visit to South Africa, her mom was sick. Thus, Gugu couldn’t come back to the United States since she needed to deal with her mom. She remained in South Africa and became well known in the broadcast business.
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