Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Cameroon News - Maurice Kamto Back In Court Today

The detained leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto and six of his allies will appear at the Appeal Court of the Centre region today.

Maurice Kamto and the six others are taking their application for bail to the Appeal Court after the Mfoundi High Court on March 7 rejected their plea for bail.

The other six that will be appearing are; Christian Penda Ekoka, leader of the AGIR Movement, Paul Eric Kingue, Kamto’s campaign director, Pr. Alain Fogue, treasurer of the CRM, Celestin Djamen, Albert Dzongang and singer several Abe popularly known as Valsero.
Cameroon News - Maurice Kamto Back In Court Today
Kamto’s lawyers continue to insist their clients were arrested and detained illegally without any warrant and have court for the court to order for their immediate release.

During the last hearing at the Mfoundi High Court, Barrister Ndong Christopher was disappointed by the decision of the court to throw out their habeas corpus plea and insisted they are ready to go to the limits with the matter.

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