Monday, 12 November 2018

Sanyangore On Religious Tourism

Controversial preacher Paul Sanyangore said the church has a role to play in portraying the image of the country to the outside world. Sanyangore said religious tourism should be encouraged and he will continue on that path.

Last week, the preacher surfaced in Indonesia where he had a two-week stint in the company of radio personality Tich Mataz.

They convened the Afro-Asia business summit which hosted a number of businesspeople from the Asian country, selling the Zimbabwean story.

The preacher has taken the gospel further and is now in Botswana for a week.

“Asia has a number of businesspeople who are willing to come and invest in the country but the hindrance is the lack of knowledge and this is the information we were giving them. We will not stop in this journey. This is the little I can do for my country.
Paul Sanyangore
“This week, we are in Botswana and that gospel is not stopping. We have to do something for our country and our people. People listen and believe in men of God, so ifI sell the Zimbabwean story to them they will listen and believe. The result is more prospective investors for the country,” he said.

Sanyangore is famous for conducting several controversial miracles that have left tongues wagging and he says now it is time to build the country.

“Those were the days but this is now time for development. This is not for me but for all the people. This is a calling I got and I have to fulfil it.

“When we go out there, this is part of religious tourism. Those people will visit us in return and this means business to our hotels and resort places,” he said.

The Indonesians visited the preacher early this year and had a feel of the country’s resort areas such as the mighty Victoria Falls. Daily News.

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