Monday, 12 November 2018

Samuel Eto'o To Answer Present At The Spanish Court After Being Sued By A Lady

Words from a woman who claims Eto'o is the father of her 19years old daughter.

"I'm from Cape Verde, and my name is Adileusa Do Rosaro, mother of a girl named Erika, whose father is none other than Samuel Eto'o from Cameroon. It all started in 1998 when I was 17 years old and I had just started my career as a supermodel.

One evening in the company of my mates same of profession, I was approached by Eto'o in the presence of his captain Raúl González Blanco and Roberto Carlos, all players of Real Madrid at that time. 
Samuel Eto'o To Answer Present At The Spanish Court After Being Sued By A Lady
A few months later I became pregnant and I went to the Cameroonian star to tell him about the situation and he replied by saying: "You are only a whore who wants to make money from a footballer, I'm African like you and we understand each other ... he continued. 

Feeling hurt deep in me, I saw the sky fall on my head I had lost everything because my career was over I went back to my family and they supported me. "After a while, leading a miserable jobless life with a pregnancy, I contacted Samuel again and he told me it was better for me to abort because he did not want to know anything about me and my child. 

For 15 years the law found inadmissible my complaint and it is only today that the judge of Madrid, a woman like me has considered admissible my complaint. My daughter just wants to know this irresponsible father because at 19, she feels like a woman and wants to know the truth".

In these words Do Rosario mother Eto'o'so child spoke yesterday in the morning before the court of first instance of Madrid.

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