Monday, 1 October 2018

Zodwa WaBantu, Prophet Bushiri, Urbert Angel Tendai Biti, Mmusi Maimane, Prof Patrick Lumumba – Security Risk

Zodwa WaBantu, a South African dancer who hates knickers – Security risk (Turned away at the Airport.)

Urbert Angel, a Zimbabwean born now British flamboyant Pastor and Businessman – Security risk (Turned away at the airport)

Prophet Bushiri aka Major 1,a Malawian Born now South African Permanent Resident, leader of a fast growing ECG church,and business magnet and Son to Urbert Angel, also a security risk,even when he has serious mining businesses in Zambia, he can’t even be allowed to step a foot there.(We will wait to see soon what happens coz last time kwali ka issue)

Also Tendai Biti a man who was running away Zimbabwe were mostly opposition leaders or members disappear mysteriously was too deportated when he want to apply for political asylum. Right now we don’t know how he is back in Zim. Remember Mnangagwa is not so different from his former master Mugabe.
Zodwa WaBantu, Prophet Bushiri, Urbert Angel Tendai Biti, Mmusi Maimane, Prof Patrick Lumumba – Security Risk
Mmusi Maimane, a South African Politician and leader of the main opposition party called the Democratic Alliance (DA) was manhandled like a criminal right at Kenneth Kaunda International airport and his only crime was coming to see his fellow opposition leader and Friend HH who was at the time facing a cooked up treason trial. Maimane was deported back to South Africa within minutes. Remember at one time Late Sata was done the same by then late Malawian President Bingu WaMutharika,elder brother to now current president Prof Peter Wamutharika and it later caused a Diplomatic mess when Sata later became president of Zambia?

Latest is Prof Patrick Lumumba, a very respected Lawyer and motivational speaker from Kenya, was yesterday denied entry into Zambia and the reason (Security risk), his only enemy is his mouth which talks about the Corruption,Looting and unstable democracies in Africa.

We such a Joke!

Imagine a country where the same people who are the security risk to the country are the ones looting Aid monies meant for the poor, buy fire trucks at US$1million each times 42 of them (42 million and insure it at K250,000), a country were they swallow 24kgs of cocaine right in the magistrate court and claim rats ate it, a country were they even loot blood donated for those who need the most etc yet busy deporting innocent people.

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