Monday, 8 October 2018

A Glimpse At The Cameroon's Presidential Elections 2018

It was at exactly 8: 00 a.m that Cameroonians gathered at polling stations to demonstrate their civic rights and responsibilities. 

This was highly powered by the incumbent’s presence at the Government Bilingual high school Bastos Yaounde. Enthusiasm could be seen in President Paul Biya and wife. Mr Biya Paul expressed his sincere satisfaction for the serene atmosphere in which the elections kick started .

It was a success in the 10 regions but several setbacks or loop holes were noted . Cabral Libii expressed his dissatisfaction as he decried attempts to sway his members of his campaign team . After voting at Efoulan in Yaounde, he said their representatives in Buea were turned down by the mayor because he refused to let people without vote cards. He further said, not all polling stations were opened in Buea and reiterated that in Yagoua, two of his party representatives were kidnapped and were threatened to stop working with the universe party.
A Glimpse At The Cameroon's Presidential Elections 2018
Bamenda did not equally go without criticisms . Report says, there were gun sounds heard at mid night breaking Sunday and it was suspected to be the separatists who were later on hunted and shot by the forces of order as images circulated on social media today.

Furthermore, reports from Far North says there was a timid population at polling stations in the area as compared to that of 2011. Far North is not really concerned with the crisis rocking the North West and South West but what could really explain the timid nature of its population today? . It was actually a tough moment for the people of Ndop of the North West region of Cameroon today as gun shots became the major sound of the day.

The president of the senate Marcel Niat was seen exercising his civic duty in France(Paris) today and doubts went online if he actually registered to vote in France which according to some critics it was wrong and goes against the law. The chairman of SDF Party Ni John Fru Ndi during an interview with STV today said it was completely wrong for the prime minister to have voted at up station Bamenda with his ID card given he was not registered there.

Joshua Osih, Ndifor Divine ,Maurice Kamto and Akere Muna all seem to be satisfied with the manner in which elections were conducted. Thanks for visiting … Stay glue to us for more updates.

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