Friday, 3 August 2018

'ZEC Must Release Proper Result!' says Chamisa - Tell Us Right Figures!

MDC Alliance leaders' breath-taking incompetence would try the patience of a saint! The international community elections observers are five star saints but still even they must be running out of patience after just a few weeks with the likes of Nelson Chamisa.

"The ZEC scandal of releasing unverified fake results is regrettable," said Nelson Chamisa.

"ZEC denied our election agent access to results before announcement. ZEC must release proper and verified results endorsed by parties. The level of opaqueness, truth deficiency, moral decay & values deficit is baffling."

Mr Chamisa if the ZEC results are wrong then why don't you tell the international observers the correct results. After all the results should be based on the votes counted and verified by all the parties in the elections. The same results were summarised on the V11 form which was then made public.

ZEC has declared how many votes each of the 23 presidential candidate polled in each of the country's ten provinces. If MDC believes the ZEC figures are wrong then tell us what the right figure are? Why is this so difficult for MDC to do?

Former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell, said in a leaked cable to Washington that "Morgan Tsvangirai was a flawed and indecisive character!" He has this back in 2004 and time has proven beyond all doubt not just Tsvangirai but the entire MDC is hopeless corrupt and incompetent.
'ZEC Must Release Proper Result!' says Chamisa - Tell Us Right Figures!
MDC leaders were warned that with no democratic reforms in place Zanu PF will rig the elections. With no verified voters roll, who is to say what vote-rigging schemes Zanu PF would have to take advantage of this! It beggars belief that anyone would agree to take part in an election without something as basic as a voters' roll! MDC leaders agreed to do so this year and countless times in the past!

Zanu PF rigged these elections, God only knows, MDC have made it impossible for Zanu PF to do otherwise by their blundering incompetence. Most of the vote rigging, at the very least, took place long before voting day. Having agreed to take part in the elections right up to voting day, counting of the votes right up to production of the V11 forms. MDC leaders are now trying to "prove" the elections were rigged by ZEC official failing to add the figures on the V11 forms. MDC leaders are refusing to be specific on which figures ZEC got wrong because they know the addition was correct. It is one thing looking for one's car keys in the pocket, under the bed, in the fridge, etc. But only a lunatic will search for the car itself in the pocket, under the bed, etc. By searching for evidence of vote rigging by ZEC failing to add V11 figures you are searching for the car under the bed and what people are losing patience with your insisting that we all join you in your foolishness!

"Kawotsvaka uta mugate, tsvaka woga!" (If you are going to search for something where it is impossible for it to be, do it alone!) as the Shona adage goes.
'ZEC Must Release Proper Result!' says Chamisa - Tell Us Right Figures!
These elections should have never taken place, not without first implementing democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections. Chamisa and his MDC friends would not listen and now they want us all to waste time searching for evidence of vote rigging in the unlikely areas just because they ignored the obvious areas!

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