Saturday, 4 August 2018

Is This Man Fit For The Second Most Powerful Job In Our Country?

The first election in the post-Mugabe era could have seen a large turn out as compared to previous elections pitting Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

Youths, some who had not ever voted,took part as they all wanted to be part of "democracy "as ED had earlier on, after taking over, promised that there would be free and fair elections.

True to his word there were no reports of intimidation prior to the elections.Disaster struck during release of the results as ZEC took their time thus putting anxious voters into panic mode.It must be noted that before final release of results people had made their own predictions ,based on social media as well as people claiming to be there as it happened.

This delay in releasing results brought a sad moment of an otherwise peaceful process whose outcome was some thing else again .Innocent lives lost their lives as the Army opened fire on unarmed civilians .Who ordered the Army onto the streets ?Soldiers don't just leave their barracks to deal with protesters,maybe we will never know as latest information mentions of an lndependant Commission being formed to investigate.l am sad to say these commissions are formed but their findings are not made public.
Is This Man Fit For The Second Most Powerful Job In Our Country?
Our current Vice -President from look of things is very powerful. He heads Ministry of Defence portfolio as well ,this the juicy part .The Army then falls under him by virtue of him being Defence minister .Stories have come about how he orchestrated the November coup which saw Mugabe leaving unwillingly the Presidency. It does not end there,when Tsvangirai trounced Mugabe in 2008 his name props up again that he came with idea of runoff after "cooking"the results. Prior to runoff soldiers were deployed in parts of Zimbabwe with people losing limbs and life.Operation Murambatsvina cannot be mentioned without his name,one of its architects is Guvheya Chiwenga.
Is this man fit for the high office he holds or we have a mental deranged man in office? This reminds me of the Russian President ,Putiñ,when at one time he became the Prime minister of Russia with Medvedev as President .Medvedev was just a symbolic President as Putin wielded so much power. This is what we are facing now, Chiwenga is now so powerful that ED could be sincere in open for business mantra but Chiwenga would rather have Zimbabwe in isolation .

This man has no Zimbabwe at heart if unstoppable then we will slide further back wards with his self centeredness.His ambition is to be at the helm one day and we will rue the moment people failed to clip his wings.

The office he holds is for the people and the nation. Zimbabwe cannot afford to have a deranged overly ambitious man in charge, Germany did that and ended with Hitler. Uganda did that and ended with the butcher of Africa, ldi Amin.

Source - AT Kadada

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