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Elections Are Over ED Is Obliged To Deliver!

In every war there will be blood sweat and tears. Tears of joy and tears of despair. Victory in any battle is watered by the blood and sweat...

In every war there will be blood sweat and tears. Tears of joy and tears of despair. Victory in any battle is watered by the blood and sweat of many. 

Zimbabwe had just come of very tense elections. Very important and indeed elections which were meant to show the world that we are now politically matured and grown. Only one incident of violence which came after elections. Sadly the west did not see the peaceful campaigns. They only saw the ugly day which was instigated by MDC Alliance.

We can pretend to be happy but we bleed inside dip inside. Innocent souls were lost because they chose to follow the mentally unstable Biti. In any democratic country Biti should be in prison. It is a pity Biti has been allowed to kill people and nothing has been done to him. The deaths of those souls was caused by Biti. But for his actions those people will still be alive now. The blood of our sisters and brothers lies in Biti's hands. His hands are dripping of the blood of those innocent souls. The fact that Biti is allowed to roam the streets as a freeman is an insult to all of us. This is not the first time Biti has done this. His evil actions are motivated by the fact that last time he was let free. Now he will do it with impunity. For how long. Why Zimbabwe why?? Biti is mentally unstable and needs to be committed to a mental health section of Chikurubi prison. If he is allowed to continue like this he will achieve his goal of causing chaos in the country.

In other countries the President will be receiving calls of congratulations from the opposition. That call alone serves as a unifying factor. But in Zimbabwe our main opposition is led by children who dwell on tempering with the emotions of the vulnerable masses.

On the contrary the world congratulated us, it's about us, on our victory, and we are supposed to be congratulating Chamisa and all other losing candidates and their families on a very, very hard-fought campaign. We mean, they fought very hard. Chamisa has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe him a major debt of gratitude for his service to our country.
Elections Are Over ED Is Obliged To Deliver!
Unfortunately his youthfulness blinded him from his surroundings. He surrounded himself with warmongers like unstable arrogant and blood sucking Biti and Sikhala. Even Tsvangirai chased Biti away because of his I know all mentality. Despite the vampirish behaviour caused by Biti The elections were a success and Zimbabwe enjoyed the very first free and fair election.

After the elections it's now time for Zimbabwe to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. To all Political partied and independents across this nation, It is time for us to come together as one united people. It's time. ZANU PF pledgeS to every citizen of our land that ED will be president for all Zimbabwe and this is so important to all of us. The rains rain upon everybody even those who are allergic to the wetness.

For those who have chosen not to support ZANU PF in the past, of which there are many people, ED is reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. Zimbabwe must move forward in peace we need each other so that we progress.

We must always remember ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women, who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families. It's a movement comprised of Zimbabwean from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people - and serve the people it will. Zimbabwe marched together to remove Mugabe. That was a united necessary move. This should not be used as a force to threaten our democracy. Our peace and tranquility must be guarded jealously.

As a country we must begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the Zimbabwe dream. ED must now change the slogan to say. Jobs Pfeee. Money in the bank Pfeee. Development pfeee.

Zimbabwe must start looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the country of Zimbabwe. That is now we should do for our country. Tremendous potential. We must not be praise singers. We must urge those who promised to deliver on their promise. Our country needs a chance It's going to be a beautiful country again. Every single Zimbabwean must have the opportunity to realise his or her fullest potential. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.
Our youth must be taught to love zimbabwe. Employment for our graduates must be created. Employment for every able bodied Zimbabwean must be created.

The disappointed youth like Bradley and Hazel must see hope in ED. The misled beloved and beautiful Zimbabweans must forget politics and embrace change. Rumbie and Aku must wake up to a glittering Zimbabwe. Karen's and Tau's joy must be translated to jobs and development. We have not voted for nothing.

Calvin must wake up to gold and milk and honey. Zimbabwe must unite and transform the future the life and our economy.

ED is going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, industries,airports, schools, hospitals. We're going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, the jewel of Africa. The slogans must be turned into millions of our people to work as we rebuild Zimbabwe.

ED must restore the confidence he started with. He must give our youth hope. Those who had misplaced their hopes in false dreams must renew their hope in the reality that Zimbabwe will be a Jewel again. ED must take care of our great veterans. They've been so loyal, and besides few clowns most have done so well in the circumstances. Our youth are incredible people. ED must embark upon a project of national growth and renewal. He must harness the creative talents of our people and call upon the best and brightest to leverage their tremendous talent for the benefit of all. We must shun the politics of rewarding our cronies. No one must be given a job as a reward.

Those who liberated us from Mugabe must not be our enemies. They must not be our tomentors. They must know Zimbabwe thanked them but Zimbabwe must be given a chance to grow. ZANU PF has a great economic plan which is tabulated in our Manifesto. This must be implemented to the full. Zimbabwe must double its growth and restore our economy to be the strongest economy anywhere in the world. At the same time, we must get along with all other parties willing to get along with us. Those parties with Zimbabwe at heart. We'll have great relationships with them.
Elections Are Over ED Is Obliged To Deliver!
We must all remember that No dream is too big, no challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. Zimbabwe will no longer settle for anything less than the best. ED must rise above the nonsense and swim us out of the drowning economic state we are in. We must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. We have to do that. We're going to have things for our country and beautiful things and successful things once again. The parallel rates in our streets must be dealt with now. We must have the dollar in our banks now. Never again shall the people be allowed to que for their money.

Zimbabwe has great potential and ED must tap in it. To Chamisa we would say please lets seek common ground, not hostility. Partnership, not conflict. Be a real pastor tell the truth. Give Zimbabwe a chance.

"And now we would like to take this moment to thank some of the people who really helped us with this, very, very historic victory. Victory after Mugabe. We must find a special place for major General Rugeje and Cde Mrs Hungwe and all the Commissariat team who worked tirelessly to achieve this victory. This is the team which worked so much."hard. Zimbabwe thanks you.

To mukoma ED I have always called him mukoma i say get to work immediately for the Zimbabwean people. Please make us be proud of you. Make Zimbabwe a country again.

Source - Byo24News
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