Monday, 14 May 2018

Exit Jah Prayzah Enter Andy Muridzo ... Singer Wows Crowd In Bulawayo Show!

Zimbabwe’s sensational singer, Andy Muridzo showed off his talent by perfectly imitating Jah Prayzah’s voice when he performed the track Chekeche in which Jah Prayzah and his Military Touch Movement artistes are featured at Club connect in Bulawayo.

The relationship between the two artists has lately been on the rocks, after Muridzo pulled out of Jah Prayza’s Military Touch Movement as he was somehow seen as a threat to Jah Prayza’s musical career.
Andy Muridzo
Andy and Jah Prayzah have a similar style, with the difference being that the the other one has made it big with corp-orates and big names buying in while the other is struggling and is still trying to make a name for himself.

They both seem to have the same style (both play the mbira) and similar band compositions with a military touch it’s difficult to be a fan of Jah Prayzah and not fall for Andy.

During his performance on Saturday, Andy showed that he was a man on a mission after having been setback by MTM and dancer Bev Sibanda but is not willing to let these hiccups bring him down as he desperately wants to reclaim his rightful slot.

The saga still continues ... Originally by Chronicle

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