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Uebert Angel Takes Questions From Nehanda Radio Listeners and Readers: Join The Discussion

In the next three weeks businessman/preacher Uebert Angel takes questions from Nehanda Radio listeners and readers of the website. This is ...

In the next three weeks businessman/preacher Uebert Angel takes questions from Nehanda Radio listeners and readers of the website. This is PART 1 of the transcript of those question and answer sessions moderated by the Managing Editor Lance Guma. 

Lance Guma: After years since your last interview many will be surprised you have agreed to subject yourself to scrutiny and answer questions from Nehanda Radio listeners and readers of the website. What’s your reasoning?

Uebert Angel: That’s simple, I have nothing to hide and I am well acquainted with the incontrovertible actuality that if one is a public figure the public has the right to speculate, gossip and oppose so better they get an opportunity to ask too.

Besides I have confidence in my propensity to face any question because I can admit who I am, what I have done, what I can do, what I can’t and love myself for what I have become.

Guma: You are the subject of a lot of controversies covered in the news media. Several articles attack your perceived moral failings while some go as far as to allege criminal acts. How do you respond to this?

Angel: Like I always say, I budgeted for acrimony way before I became a public figure. I am never moved by small minds and besides I never use big platforms to discredit small minds so my silence and my success is what I make more eloquent than my defence.
Uebert Angel Takes Questions From Nehanda Radio Listeners and Readers: Join The Discussion
Guma: So are you saying you are not affected when you happen to read an article that is attacking your reputation?

Angel: First of all Integrity is what Christ knows about me but reputation is what people think about me so I care not about reputation so I have none to keep. The other point is I read at least one book a day so I have no time left to read rumblings that dunderheads pick up and pocket. I also don’t want to impede my intelligence with deluded nonentities. I am a busy man!

Guma: As Men of God, the standards expected of you in terms of conduct are obviously high, would you concede that is the greater problem and so when you make mistakes as human beings, the judgments are pretty unforgiving?

Angel: Lamentably in Christianity Christ forgives but most times Christians seldom do so with that in mind I thank Christ that Christians are not my Christ. Another rub is that we live in the computer and internet age where fake news is rampant and anything can be created from thin air and weaklings eat it up like medium fries.

Guma: In the last few years Uebert Angel the businessman seems to be taking centre stage, are you retiring Uebert Angel the preacher?

Angel: One point some choose to have selective amnesia on is I started and crossed over from the business world to the pulpit. It is then paramount that it be known from a man who is a crossover individual like myself that relegating a preacher to the pulpit creates chaos because it turns a preacher into fleecing his congregants and results in a beggarly Christendom.

Instead of that, we should have preachers in the marketplace creating money with a mission and financing the gospel using their own hard earned money from their business endeavours not from church coffers.

I have also come to understand that You can only change the church after you change the world that’s why the great commission is not to the church but a ‘go Ye’ into the world. In that respect I am a businessman cum preacher rather than the opposite. Come to think of it I am both and ‘Who says I can’t be both?’

Guma: Would you say you have enemies that constantly fight to bring you down. How do you find yourself having to respond to so many shocking allegations?

Angel: By shocking you mean ‘ridiculous’ right ? If that’s the context then you should know there is nothing as pathetic as a deluded clown masquerading as a journalist so I just don’t respond because I also don’t have time to be doing such. You see, I have had a plethora of lies written about me in so many different languages that at this rate I can’t even read some of the languages the accusations are written in.

That being said, let’s not forget Uebert Angel is well known and well placed in his circles so you see I don’t care an iota of what nincompoops think in the recesses of their minds or say coz I know deep down they dream of an eldorado where Angel would pay them to stop their charade but I have bad news for them, I have greater and better intentions for my money than throw it away in that manner because I am a serial investor who doesn’t have time for serial liars.

Guma: Do you have specific people that you know that you feel are fighting you?

Angel: I have millions of people all over the world who love and respect what I do. The day I start paying attention to a few frustrated individuals who are failing in their own careers is the day I should call it a day and hide in a cave. There is nothing more vicious than a broke hater.

Instead of being inspired by the successes that I have achieved there are people whose lives I have touched who somehow believe they should be in my shoes. You can never win over people like that. Hating alone does not work so they have to manufacture lies to get traction. So to me lies represent desperation and a sure sign that they have lost both the battle and the war.

In most cases I have opened doors that some of them are walking through. I will never fight hate with hate. I will always pray for them, they need deliverance. Their biggest problem is that hate alone does not work so they move to manufacturing lies.

But you see all these shenanigans do not affect my bank balance, it does not subtract cars from my garage or take away my properties or make my four kids hate me. Meanwhile they remain BROKE, angry and BITTER. It’s a sorry state but I forgive them because hate is too heavy a load to carry.

Guma: Your visit to Pastor Chris in Nigeria meant a lot to you. Talk about it and its significance for you?

Angel: My level of indebtedness, honour and love to and for this man, pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME, is beyond my ability to articulate and even my own comprehension. It is then of paramount importance that it be known that Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME is not a man I call a ‘friend’ but a mentor, a life coach and a ‘father figure’ because calling such grace a ‘Friend’ is tantamount undoing all of my spiritual dignity and integrity.

It should also be noted that my secret all these years has been understanding Levels of grace in men that have made a mark for Christ that no man can erase and since he played a huge part together with Kenneth E Hagin in the genesis of my ministry take my visit with him as a nostalgic feeling that met its end. In ministering for him and visiting with him and further in our discussions on spiritual matters I had and still have a feeling of having come back home. I reconnected with the genesis of Spirit Embassy.

Guma: A Forbes Magazine article several years ago estimated your wealth at $60 million. We ran an article that came to something similar on our website. Can we get your reaction on what we said you are worth. How much are you really worth?

Angel: In business there is a rule that how much an individual is worth is a vulgar subject so I spare you the details. Besides I am a Christian and I don’t believe in that sort of thing . I believe I am worth what my mouth can declare. As a matter of fact anything Jesus died for is worth much more than any human mechanism can predict because I serve a God who no far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of shore supply!

If you have questions for Uebert Angel for next week’s instalment in this three part series, send them to or Whatsapp +263-773-011-02.
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