Monday, 26 March 2018

Operation Sparrowhawk - On The Run, Catherine Bakang Mbock Takes Refuge In Canada

The former Minister of Social Affairs, who left the government during the cabinet reshuffle of October 2, 2015, is believed to have fled and fled to Quebec.

The information is revealed by The Messenger on newsstands Friday, March 23, 2018. According to the tabloid, the former Minister of Social Affairs spun with English husband and children, thus avoiding " a humiliation, or even a trial at the Catherine Abena ".

For good reason, we learn, Catherine Bakang Mbock would collapse under the weight of many time management gaps where she managed the portfolio of the Ministry of Social Affairs. In particular: " the scandal of the supply of office equipment of 100 social centers and schools valued at nearly 100 million FCFA, through the markets of rehabilitation centers, fictitious markets, the use of men who lie has earned denunciations from the institutions responsible for overseeing the managerial orthodoxy ".
Operation Sparrowhawk - On The Run, Catherine Bakang Mbock Takes Refuge In Canada
The newspaper adds to this the alleged diversions of certain projects such as Ppte, "Efficiency and effectiveness of basic social services for Cameroonian populations living below the poverty line," and the "street children" initiative, or still the convoluted management of the Sygipes (computer system of integrated management of the personnel of the State and the pay).

" The last file on the list valued at more than 40 million would never have been achieved as planned. In the meantime rehabilitation centers such as the Betamba Ice, Borstal Institute of Buea and Cao de Douala, obtained through the so-called screen companies would have swallowed up the plump sum of 900 million FCFA, "writes Le Messager.

We also learned that a group of social workers had pointed an accusing finger on the former minister Catherine Bakang Mbock who would also have gratified her husband market Iadm, CFA 51 million Ppte project at the Borstal Institute of Buea , during the month of May 2008.

According to the newspaper, " many other amounts are mentioned. Surely elements and many others in possession by the sleuthing that would have caused the flight of lady Bakang Mbock before having made throat. Entering the government in 2001 as Minister for the Status of Women, she left the camera targets as a messy vulgar carrying with her the epics of children stolen from orphanages, already adopted in the margins of the regulations in force .

Source - Operation Sparrowhawk- On The Run, Catherine Bakang Mbock Takes Refuge In Canada

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