Friday, 17 November 2017

Revealed How Robert Mugabe Cornered The Generals

According to unconfirmed reports the embattled President Robert Mugabe yesterday cornered the army generals for middling in the Zanu-PF issues in which he accused them of fighting factional battles thereby disturbing the party.

"It was not an easy afternoon. When you go for talks, you better go prepared. Otherwise, you'll be exposed. Mugabe asked the generals about why they were saying he should step down and they cited the purges. It is said since there was no coup, he also asked them to bring the country's constitution and they were cornered," said sources.

"The Generals were then accused of meddling in party politics. Mugabe has the power to fire, appoint and disappoint according to the country's Constitution. They were also asked on why and how they were choosing Emmerson Mnangagwa and not Joice Mujuru or Sydney Sekeramai."
Revealed How Robert Mugabe Cornered The Generals
Sources said Mugabe said if it were for the purges, then he would be ready to readmit Mujuru as she was the first to be purged.

"In fact, he accused them of being the ones causing instability. According to him, it showed that the military was running a faction within Zanu-PF. He told the SA envoys that the purges were only in the party not government. He said he was surprised that the army talked of instability yet no one had gone in the streets to protest the purges," said the source.

"He then told them that if there were any other Constitutional reasons they could cite, then he could step down."

Source - Social Media

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