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Jonathan Moyo Finds No Sympathy On Twitter After He Opens Up About Traumatic Army Raid On His House

Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has spoken out for the first time about how 25 special forces soldiers armed with semi-automa...

Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has spoken out for the first time about how 25 special forces soldiers armed with semi-automatic weapons raided his house while he and his seven children were inside. Moyo however found no sympathy on micro-blogging site Twitter.

“What would you do if you & your family survived a 2am-15 minute ZDF attack on your house with 7 children one of them 12 years old, by 25 SAS snipers with semi automatic weapons; randomly firing tracer bullets & stun grenades? Is this the New Justice? New Dawn? New Era? New Zim?” he wrote.

The former Zanu PF propaganda chief could not have imagined the lack of sympathy and brutal responses that came his way from his own followers on Twitter. Below are some of the people who responded to his hypothetical question of “What would you do if you…..”
Jonathan Moyo Finds No Sympathy On Twitter After He Opens Up About Traumatic Army Raid On His House
Tendai Chabvuta “Why don’t you go and hang yourself so you understand and feel what every other Zimbabwean has been going though because of your actions and complicity with Robert Mugabe all these years. Wakajaidzwa stereki!”

Lashias Ncube “Who timed the attack? (15 min). Who counted the snipers (25). And all seven occupants survived the attack you describe here, no casualties? Botched job then. Were you even at home? Of course evidence of attack is there for all to see, but aren’t you embellishing a wee bit?”

Ali Naka “But why did you leave behind your Wife honestly?”

Chichie “Dai mabara akaita mutserendende pazimhanza renyu irooo obva adonha nekumberi kweziguma renyu ukooooooo. Vapedza vodimbura tuoko tuno nyora dondo twenyu itwotwo. Dzorobhangu.”

Wellence Mujuru “Kuchema izvozvo chete ! Tenda Mwari uri kutotwita hako, shamwari yako Chombo ari kumwa Tea isina shuga !!”

Wellence Mujuru “You could have blocked all those bullets with your Head !!!!”

Vokal Da Poet “I would apologise to people I called idiots for not supporting ZANU PF, and then log off twitter.”

Rasta Mouse “I am really tempted to sympathise with you @ProfJNMoyo But first you should tell me where Itai Dzamara is and then we will deal with your issue. You will find that there is a long queue if we go on that path.”

Majaira Jairosi “It’s common even in America, that’s the routine when SWAT approach a resident of a criminal, and especially if the criminal is hostile. Remember they were dealing with two arrogant crooks masquerading as ministers.”

Brighton Musonza “Prof Moyo; you are an educated man, SAS means Special Air Serviceman which is a special forces unit of the British Army. It was never involved in the Zimbabwean coup. Don’t try to sex up your predicament using wild lines of propaganda. You exposed your kids to this mess.

King George “So What do you want us to do?Cry with you?

Chamu Chiyaka “Moyo wasn’t a friend of us all, now he wants the masses to feel pity for him. To hell with that. Ndiye aiti #HandeiTione handei zvomene tione”

Chamu Chiyaka “Plus Moyo anonyepa ma sniper ekupi anopotsa munhu anemusoro muhombe wakadaro #HandeiTione

Blessing Shadaya “This has happened to many Zimbabweans while you enjoyed being a minister. Your response to Dzamara’s disappearance was disheartening.”

Mike Gosten “Is he the same guy who said It’s Dzamara was not kidnapped but went into hiding.For your own information Jonathan the army was using blanks not live bullets otherwise you could have been biltong by now.”

Vincent “Do u expect a picnic when the army is deployed ,???”

Winsley Chimuka “Im not from Zimbabwe, I don’t understand shona but kamurume aka soo kane musoro unenge musana weMbudzi. Uri kuTweeter uripi musoro bhangu.”

Kazembe Kazembe Jnr “And we deserved 2008? We deserved his brutal comments on the disappearance of Dzamara?

Muchero WaNegondo “what would i do ? ndiri ini ndairara kuti ZETE …”

Chelle Chipato “I would think of Itai Dzamara and how I mocked his family. I would think is this karma? I would think maybe I should hand myself in rather than leaving my family to sort out the mess you made! I would regret making deals with the devil. They have immunity and u don’t!”

Abigail “Well Prof deserves what he is getting. These crooks should be roasted.The masses have suffered whilst they are fattening themselves.Kasukuwere haachina kana mutsipa nekufuta yet some households are living for a dollar per day.”

Zenzele “But we have always said Zanupf is evil and you guys called us all sorts of names.”

Man’s Got Sauce “No sympathy at all. You created a monster. when they battered Tsvangirai, Abducted Itai and violated the people’s rights you were there with very articulate well researched fact based articles defending them. Nhasi wakuti New Zim? NO! Same oldZim you just on the other side now.”

Chelle Chipato “Sad that your family were subjected to this but you have yourself to blame. You slept in the same bed with the devil, did you not think day of reckoning was coming? How bout all those who died just for protesting against Mugabe, I wonder if u thought of them.”

Clemence Nhliziyo “I will do what Itai Dzamara, Jestina Mukoko and many others would do when you were part of and supporting the same system that did this to you!”

Wellence Mujuru “Jonathan Moyo this is not the new Zimbabwe , this is just the continuation of the system you left behind. Don’t be surprised. Welcome to the opposition !!

Perpetual NC “I’v zero sympathy 4 u. How many people lost their lives fm Zanu PF attacks? U didn’t see anything wrong wit that. Nw the tables hv turned.”

Sam Garwe “I told you to tone down your rhetoric but you being the person you are you chose to go nuclear and it backfired…now wakudzungaira in the wilderness!”

I am Madambeef “You ask similar questions that these displaced people probably asked several times when ZRP made those infamous dawn raids and burnt their homes on behalf of Grace. No one in Gvt heard their cry. You must feel the same way today.”

Melody Chakatsva “This was just a means to an end. This is not the New Era. There was no lawful way of getting you and your master (#Mugabe) out of office. In the New Era such actions will not be necessary because we wont be bringing down a dictator and his cabal. #NewZimbabwe #NewStart”

Shinxter “At least you know where your 7 kids are, the Dzamara family don’t know where Itai is.”

Kudzi Tsunga “Jonathan kana wabuda kuZanu Pf hupenyu hwako hwunotanga kuunyana, wave kungovukura uchingovukura, Ngwena achingotonga achingotonga.”

Mai Nicole “I know am supposed to feel sad but yoh when all those people were being harassed and being kidnapped did you do anything??”

Martin Takawira “Be rest assured that if you were to step back into zim that ordeal u explain there will be a walk in the park . Mlevu u went OTT in insulting EDM – your hatred for the man took over yr life completely.”

Basil Mdluli “Stolen from the Internet “If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

Perpetual N C “You are crying to the wrong people. tirikuti Tsvatu. Tell your sad stories to Gucci na Saviour. Like my dad wld say ” chawakadya chamuka”.”

Idris Ali Nassah “You do not have to like Jonathan or Kasukuwere to know that Chiwenga’s army does not know the limits of its power. If Kasukuwere and Jonathan are criminals, Zimbabwe has laws and institutions to deal with that.”

Emily Nyoni “But using aggressive force is not going to make matters any better, and despite the wrong you may have done this is just wrong on so many levels. This revenge tactic is only going to lead to further problems.”

Sydney Marihoho “Just as much would you sympathize with all those abductions, torture and murdered by your party, which in this case has turned against its own? Life is never in black and white there is also the grey area search a little bit deeper. How come Grace the almighty didn’t help?”

The Falcon “You never bother to speak for Ndebele people regarding Gukurahundi when in office now you want them to sympathise with your mini Gukurahundi nearmis.”

Clemence T Nhliziyo “Would cry that the bullets missed the target!”
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