Tuesday, 21 November 2017

If I Were President Paul Biya

The recent revelations in the political lives of African dictators, princes, and princesses have called for real wisdom. The time has almost come when no spoke of the bicycle will hang on the hub.

The earlier Mr Biya steps down, the better for him and his family.

If Blaise Campaore of Burkina Faso had had good advice to step down before 2014 or to reduce his political ambition of modifying the constitution, he might have had a befitting rest at home. Now take a look at home. He has switched citizenship. He is now of Ivorian nationality.
 If I Were President Paul Biya
If Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia had understood that there's satiety in politics, he would not have had himself humiliated internationally. Mr Jammeh was threatened out of power earlier in the year by forces of his regional bloc.

If Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe had known that age has no friend, he would quickly understand that he was gradually moving out of heroism to failure. Now he is waiting for a bulldozer to dig him out of power. It might come soon if he is not humble and wise enough to see the storm blowing down strong men of all time.

That's why I want to caution my own very man to step down now and save his children from everlasting stigma and humiliation.

Papa, you don't seem to understand that the people surrounding and protecting you will be the same hangmen who will lower your head into a hole once their ambition rises higher . As a matter of fact, you must know that humans would protect their interest as much as bees would guard their honey.

Be wise!

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