Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Amai What? Stop it, Zimbabwe Will Never Be A Dynasty Again!

All that Zimbabweans want is change. Anything that brought change from Mugabe's york is celebrated, especially if it occurs relatively bloodlessly. 

As Zimbabweans, we love each other. We may differ in ideologies, but, if we are forced to buckle under pressure, we embrace each other.

To say we agree or we do not agree with what the army is doing today, is another matter. That army has shown that it suffers the same fate we suffer everyday as a Nation.

Junior Army officers can't take their families for holiday in Singapore.
Amai What? Stop it, Zimbabwe Will Never Be A Dynasty Again!
We are tired of being scolded and divided by those who spend their lives half on holiday in Singapore, half in Zimbabwe. We get forced to welcome them at the airport singing Amai, Amai. They chose whose hands to shake at the Airport and rallies, and whose hands not to shake. We pay for their titles and glamour.

Today are informed that they are seeking the simplest place to sleep outside Zimbabwe. No more Amai Amai. Amai what? Stop it.


Source - Ryton Dzimiri

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