Thursday, 26 October 2017

Lady Squanda Releases New Album

Outspoken dancehall chanter Lady Squanda born Sandra Muchaneta Gazi last week released her new album titled “Reality”. The 12- track album features musicians Stunner, Guspy Warrior and Freeman and it is showing a vulnerable side of Lady Squanda that many might not know.

“The album is called ‘Reality’ so I wanted to be real and honest. Sometimes we musicians sing just for fun like when I did the track ‘Ndinovhaira’. It was just a fun song but it is not really the person I am. The album reflects who Sandra Gazi is,” said Squanda. In the album, Squanda spreads a positive message with tracks “Dai Mandiregerera” and “Pandakatanga” among others. She has publicly issued an apology for her previous actions and urged her fans to listen to the new album with an open mind.

“This is a good album. I do not think people should stop listening to my music because of my past. People change. I was young back then but now I am mature and I am letting people see the other side of Lady Squanda they do not know,” she said. The mother of two said it took her a long time to come up with the album and she was happy with the outcome of it.
Lady Squanda Releases New Album
“I believe good things take a long time to create. I took my time creating this album and as a mom, it is not easy balancing my work and being a mother. I thank God I have a wonderful husband who supports me making it possible for me to finally release this album,” said Squanda. Squanda’s manager Trust Nyatsonga said the album was being sold at various points in town as well as online.

“We have people at Copacabana and Fourth Street selling the CDs. Our music can also be found on YouTube and on sound cloud,” said Nyatsonga.

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