Wednesday, 4 October 2017

In Rwanda, The Opponent Diane Rwigara Charged With "Inciting Insurrection"

Rwandan opposition leader Diane Rwigara, 35, who tried to run for the presidential election in August against the country's strongman, Paul Kagame, was charged with his mother and sister " insurrection, "it was learned, Tuesday, October 3, from a judicial source.

The three women were formally charged after they were subjected, according to Diane Rwigara, to near-daily interrogations at the Rwandan Police Investigation Center during the first three weeks of September and were taken into custody on 22 September .

"The prosecution has decided to ask for justice remand Diane Rwigara, mother Adeline Rwigara and his sister Anne Rwigara" , told AFP Faustin Nkusi, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office.
In Rwanda, The Opponent Diane Rwigara Charged With "Inciting Insurrection"
The three women are being prosecuted for "inciting the insurgency," according to the same source. Diane Rwigara is also prosecuted for "forgery of documents" as part of her attempt to presidential candidacy in August when her mother is prosecuted for "sectarian practices" . The charges of tax evasion, initially referred to by the police, were not finally rejected against the Rwigara family .

In an interview with AFP on the eve of his arrest at the end of September, Diane Rwigara denounced the political nature of his legal troubles, adding that the police had confiscated his identity papers, computers and telephones. "I am punished for rising up against oppression and saying what I think," she said.

Father's fortune
The rejection of the application of M me Rwigara by the Electoral Commission, as a matter of procedure, had been criticized by Western governments and groups defending human rights.

M. Kagamé, credited with the significant development of a country desperate to get out of the 1994 genocide, is regularly accused of flouting freedom of expression and silence all opposition. He was re-elected on 4 August for a further seven-year term with almost 99% of the vote.

Diane Rwigara is the daughter of Assinapol Rwigara, an important Rwandan entrepreneur who had made a fortune in the industry and real estate . In the 1990s, he had largely funded the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) of Mr. Kagame before he reversed the Hutu extremist power in July 1994, ending the genocide.

Diane Rwigara had distanced himself from the RPF after the death of her father in February 2015 in a road accident, police said. She had contested this version and denounced an "assassination" . According to his brother Aristide, installed in the United States, the government tries, by attacking his family, to lay hands on the fortune of his father.

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