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When A Mad Man Leads – The Southern Cameroon Case!

Mr Ayuk Tabe studied in Cameroon and then had the opportunity of making money within and out of Cameroon. Today, he is in his position beca...

Mr Ayuk Tabe studied in Cameroon and then had the opportunity of making money within and out of Cameroon. Today, he is in his position because of the basic education he had in Cameroon.

Tassang Wilfred also studied in Cameroon. He was actually a teacher under the system and till date, still collects his salary from the same system he is trying to crumble.

Ebenezer Akwanga did his entire education in Cameroon up till University. He decided to become a radical and ofcourse, was locked up and then became a prisoner of war after he broke jail and escaped to the US where he and his family are currently living their life.

Ivo Tappang did his education in Cameroon and has greatly benefited from the system: his late father was a commissioner who held the gun on one hand and the bible in the other. He used his position to push Ivo through University of Buea and then to Yaounde. Today, Ivo has a scholarship from the US government where he is currently studying in the USA

Mark Bareta is a graduate from the University of Buea where he committed so much havoc prior to graduation. The education he received has helped to position him in Belgium where he currently resides.
When A Mad Man Leads – The Southern Cameroon Case!
And like every other member of the governing coucil and the Facebook Republic, they are all graduates of the Cameroon education system. Some with Dr degrees, and high ranking positions in their respective industries.

But the irony is that they stand so tall to discredit the current education system in Cameroon whcih has been improved alot since their days.

Worst is that they are now calling for a no school this year again. Besides, they call for a THREE days ghost town in the North and SouthWest regions.

Does this make any sense for a region that has lost the previous year? Members of these regions have lost their education, losing their economies, losing their buying power and most of it their PRIDE.

Does it make any sense that schools are closed and the entire city also shut down? What does this make of the young and aspiring who have ends to meet? Do they see businesses failing? Do they see the youths failing? DO they see people dying? Dying at a faster rate than they will argue the government is causing it? Do they see themselves burning their own schools? School built by struggling parents? Schools that will not be rebuilt by the government? Do they realize their acts will further lead to marginalization? deprivation? Do they realize that more of our youths are being killed in the line of disputes? And no amount of revolt will bring any life back?

Do they realize that Biya will not release Mancho any time soon? Do they realize that Biya will not realize Ndasi Alfred any time soon? Do they realize that they are fighting a lost battle with this method they are employing? They must be very blind to keep believing that a miracle will give them the break through.

They are still stupid to be waiting on the African Union , European Union or even the United is time, Cameroonians on the ground take their stand and do what is right for them and not yield to this fear being shared by a group of lost nincompoops who live in bungalows abroad.

A word to the wise is enough or let stupidity continue to reign in the name of leadership by a group of blind characters from a cartoon book. For us the silent majority and the Great annonymous, we keep our stand and will do well to keep alerting you of potential failures. Wake up my fellow Souther Cameroonians. Be like the Limbe people, they have given a death ear to these psychopaths of the so called Governing council.

The Great Anonymous | When A Mad Man Leads – The Southern Cameroon Case!
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