Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sir Wicknell’s Sudden Disappearance From Social Media Raises Eyebrows

Following the social media frenzy which surrounded Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s nuptials to Sonja Madzikanda, followers and haters alike have raised eyebrows at the sudden disappearance of digital evidence connected with the whole hype.

This comes after several followers of Sir Wicknell have noticed that the self-styled millionaire has suddenly deleted photos, statuses and traces of his fiancée Sonja or anything related to their relationship.

While this would have boded no surprise if it was someone else, in Wicknell’s case it’s quite a shocker because the socialite is well known for oversharing the nitty gritty details of his life down to a T.

With speculations flying about, prominent social media users took to their profiles to give their two cents on the issue. With one user explicitly informing his followers that ‘Sir’ has erased all aspects of his much hyped relationship with Sonja from social media.
Sir Wicknell’s Sudden Disappearance From Social Media Raises Eyebrows
With some comments suggesting that ‘Sir’ is now a grown man and he intends to keep a low profile and concentrate on his family since he is an expectant father. A week ago Sir himself said he was going to start being mature about the way he goes about things which probably includes his rather tactless approach to social media.

However the theory which takes the cake is that ‘Sir’ was forced into hibernation over his love life musings after unpleasant details concerning his wife emerged on social media. Wicknell, who is known for taunting poor people on social media, was slammed into silence by one user whose comment garnered lots of attention, attracting over 400 comments.

The user who goes by the name ‘Frank Onismo Ziyambi’ called out Sir on one trifle fact that he overlooked in boasting about his wealth. He pointed out that money had failed to secure Sir a vi_rgin for marriage which is normally a cultural standard for marriage.

He threw a dig which suggested Sir’s wife is by no means a vi_rgin. Not only did he stop there, he alluded that Sir’s wife had been in a relationship with a man who was by no means rich and cut her loose for one reason or another. In fact Sir is said to be enjoying another man’s spoils, below his social standard.

It was after this particular comment that Sir allegedly went on a spring cleaning of his social media account. Known for being very vocal against followers who criticize him, Sir hasn’t uttered a single word concerning that comment which leads people to believe it was a hit below the belt.

Source: iHarare

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