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The Great Anonymous Makes Fun Of Julius Ayuk Tabe -- He Is Interim President Of …!

So this is how the genuine efforts and works of those who initiated this movement is going to fade? There is now a leader to a cause he did...

So this is how the genuine efforts and works of those who initiated this movement is going to fade? There is now a leader to a cause he didn’t start noh initiate.

This is same way many have tried to high jack the how: from the interim toy boys, to the Wirba Force who became Wirba weak, to the Tassangs, Herberts, Akamangwa’s, Muna’s etc..

The appointment of another interim is just a clear indication that some Cameroonians have vehemently accepted the title of fools and idiots of this new age. It’s like the did not learn from the Tapang and Mark interim saga. And by the way:

1. Who is Sessekou Julius Tabe?
2. Who appointed him and what role and purpose?
3. What is his past?
4. Where in Cameroon does he live?
5. So what is this other nonsense of an appointment?

Cameroon is struggling to free it self from a regime by bringing in another regime. Simply because Mr Julius Ayuk has funded activities of the Southern Cameroon movement doesn’t make him a legitimate placement for any role that is currently marketed through Facebook paid adds as a means to continue to sway Cameroonian of the right to think clearly.

They have even gone ahead with an Hallelujah chorus in the name of an anthem. The guy comes to present his speech and is reading from his tablet and stammering like he is Mayor Ekema of Buea. From 1961 , Cameroonians have only had appointed leaders, and it’s not seeming to change. When Shall we truly embrace change by doing things differently?
The Great Anonymous Makes Fun Of Julius Ayuk Tabe -- He Is Interim President Of …!
If this is the definition of Southern Cameroon then we better remain Cameroon. Change is what we need and not the some old game of cards and egos among some empty headed individuals cursed with extra cash to think they can sway and fool the crowd with it. It’s is now a game of who has more to spare or who runs a gofundme account for the struggle and reverts to use the money for their personal gains. Everyone now has an agenda – an agenda different from the founders.

It has now become a game of attention seeking fans: as the dust is settling, they are becoming more and more desperate of new ideas and tricks : Tapang is now an expired good and thank God he has found a girl friend to release all the accumulated testosterone and thanks to his gofundme riches; Mark has lost his business model and has returned to his cleaning job; Boh Herbert and others are choked up with guilt and the only thing left is published one more nonsense to get people talking. The coffin bearers in the diaspora don’t even know how to erase those videos anymore, see the guilt on their faces.

Those in jail have been forgotten as expected. Their followers have back stabbed and betrayed them. Their lawyers are now confused of what next to say to the public. Funds collected have been embezzled by the front runners. It is clear that Biya being the technocrats he is, has found the way to set them knocking their amateur heads looking for the next fake miracle.

Schools start in September; Cameroon remains one; those in jail will only be released after September and once all is back to normal just a sign of leadership by the current government. Mr Julius will remain a President to his household and club members. And before we think, he will be struggling for interim title against the other interim – Ivo and Mark.

We of the silent majority, we condemn all acts of psuedo praises and naivety that continues to plagues Cameroonians. As a nation in transition, we shall win through our struggles. We shall not settle for anything less than what we deserve. Our change will come the right way. Let’s keep believing in our idea of change and not the perceptions of change.

Long live Cameroon.

Written by The Great Anonymous
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